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Warehouse Floor Refurbishment
Warehouse Floor Refurbishment

Are your floors safe and ready to go for the colder winter months ahead?

When thinking about building premises, flooring often goes forgotten about. However, this is often one of the areas in a warehouse building that can take the most impact, as floors are exposed to everything from varying weight and excessive motion to high footfall. Mud, water and outside debris can often get brought inside a building on the bottom of someone’s shoes and can leave your floor looking dirty and neglected. Machinery and equipment can also damage and impact your floor surface.

Not only do you want your floor to look clean and professional, but you also want your floor to be safe to work on. Worn areas of flooring can create holes, trip and slip hazards, making them an unsafe space for anyone to be working on and could potentially cause serious injury to customers or staff. These areas need to be fixed straight away before they can get any worse.
Worn coating and paint, cracks or tears and increasingly slippery floor surface are signs that your floor has just about had enough. At Cladding Coatings, we have a specialist floor painting service and a dedicated team that could be the answer for your neglected floor.

We use high-quality coating systems which are ideal for heavy-duty environments with a broad range of colours available to suit your company branding and your requirements. We can provide you with a non-slip surface that has a life expectancy of five years, and we can even offer line-markings and pathways.

Contact us at Cladding Coatings today if you think your floor requires refurbishment, and we can arrange for a free specialist onsite visit to assess the problem and to have a look at what work needs to be done.

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