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A Flat Roof Problem

Flat roofs are very common on commercial buildings, but sadly so are the many problems that come with flat roofing. It certainly likes to rain in Britain, but we seem to have gotten use to this now and it’s not so much of a problem anymore, unless of course your flat roof is damaged. There are common problems with flat roofs that if left untreated can servery damage your building, and be extremely costly if not dealt with.

Many flat roofs are built too flat and built with inadequate structural materials, so they sag in the middle – this causes pools of water to build up on the roof. The weight of the water also makes the sagging centre get bigger, and leakage will begin to happen. Although it is named ‘flat roof’, there should be a small gradient to allow the run off of water, to avoid the pool problem.

Another problem is with the coating. Often the coating used on the roof is not protective enough and overtime it will become cracked and warn. This again will increase the chances of leaks and if left, severely damage the quality of your roof.

As with all external refurbishment harsh weather and aging also affect the quality of your roof, flat roofs are no exception. Lack of maintenance can only worsen the condition of the roof, and if left untreated eventually the roof will become damaged beyond repair, and replacement is the only option (the costly option).

Flat roof repair needed

Cladding Coatings are able to refurbish and repair failing roofs, including flat roofs. Cladding Coatings flat roof refurbishment uses industry leading technology that is unrivalled offering significant benefits over traditional sheet roofing materials.

The Cladding Coatings flat roof refurbishment process is to apply a liquid coating to your roof as part of the refurbishment project. There are many benefits to this system, including cost, time and maintenance visits.

Don’t neglect your roof beyond repair, get Cladding Coatings to examine your roof and provide a solution to fix that damaged roof before it’s too late!

Read our full flat roof refurbishment service here

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