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How heavy and persistent rain affects your commercial property

Recent heavy downpours and days of rain have caused no end of problems cross the UK, mainly widespread flooding as the rivers have struggled with the volumes of water to carry it away.

What you don’t read in the news is the problems that it has cause for building owners, those with commercial properties across the country.

Back to Work Checks

Happy new year, we are back in the office after a restful Christmas and New Year and are ready to answer your questions, arrange more site visits, send out quotations and plan our project booking for 2024.

If you’ve also just got back to work then one of the first things you should check is if your property has been a victim of the recent bad weather. Take a look outside and check for any damaged panels. It’s been pretty windy and any metal sheets that may have become loose will be a dangerous hazards and will require fixing as soon as possible.

Check your gutters to see if any blockages are causing an overflow of water. Check inside too for any visible signs of leaks. The recent heavy and persistent rain can cause problems that a light shower wouldn’t necessarily create.

The UK is well rehearsed with rain showers but recent weather has seen both intensity and persistence, this is different to light showers and will really test your building envelope.

One of the most common issues that arise from these weather conditions is leaks. Blocked gutters can cause water to overflow and seep into the building, while metal cladding sheets that are loose or have gaps can leak as well. Adding to this, corroded metal cladding sheets can make the situation even worse.

Stepnell Rugby Gutter and Roof Before


Gutters allow water to flow freely as water runs off a surface and is carried along the gutter channel and down a pipe to the drains. If any part of the gutter or pipe become blocked, by debris, leaves, or moss for example, the water cannot run freely and will start pooling and backing up the pipe or gutter channel. This can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance however, when it does happen damage can occur before you realise there is a problem. The water can over flow and it may run down the external wall of the building or can overflow into the inside through the soffits and roof, it will run down the inside walls which can make it hard to see until damp patches appear.

Gutters may also leak due to loose fittings or corrosion, water can seep through the smallest of gaps so, any crack or loose seals will allow leaks. Gutters can be repaired, so they don’t always need to be replaced. Even the most severe corrosion can be repaired using gutter lining, such as WeatherFold.

Cladding Coatings

Cladding and Roof Repairs

Loose sheets, damages or missing panels allow water to ingress the building and can cause significant leaks inside a property which not only damage the building and internal contents but can affect productivity, stock or staff wellbeing. It’s vital to regularly check and maintain your roof and wall cladding sheets to spot any repair work immediately. Our teams can repair metal wall and roof cladding and offer a maintenance plan.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion occurs typically at the end of roofing sheets, bottom of wall cladding sheets or around fixings. Anywhere that a metal sheet had been cut, poses a risk of corrosion as there is no paint protection on the metal. Overtime this gradually starts to rust and corrode, if left without treatment it will only worsen. Larger areas of corrosion risk developing holes which of course allow water ingress. Cut edge corrosion can be easily treated, with careful attention there is no need for corrosion to spread and develop into costly repairs.

Our experienced teams are on hand to offer friendly advice on your roof and wall cladding repairs and refurbishment needs. We can offer site surveys to help establish what work is required and can supply a free no obligation quotation for the work. Get in touch with us to ensure your building is maintained to a good standard and that any repair and refurbishment work is carried out before it’s too late. Email or call us on 0161 626 3493.

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