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How to improve the appearance of a storage facility

A storage facility is typically a large metal clad building made up internally of lots of storage areas which are used by businesses and individuals for a wide range of items. Sometimes large spaces house pallets of goods and smaller more compact rooms offer individuals to store more personal items safely. With round the clock security and a solid dry structure, it’s the perfect place to rent as a short or long-term storage solution.

Appearances matter

With the need to keep items safe, the building must be secure, safe, dry, energy efficient and look attractive. When customers are looking for somewhere to store things, especially those of high value, all these details matter. If the building looks new or at least well maintained and cared for, it instantly ticks some of these boxes, even before stepping inside.

Ashton Self Storage Re-Coating

When is a good time?

On going maintenance is important all year round, checking for leaks before winter, checking gutters are clear in the autumn, cutting away vegetation in Spring and so on. It’s also good to periodically check for any signs of cut edge corrosion appearing. Over several years, metal cladding is likely to develop cut edge corrosion, which will only carry on worsening.
When a building is taken over by new owners, this too is a great time to look at the appearance and ensure the company branding is up to date.

Making it work hard

Not only does the exterior cladding need to look good, look safe and secure, and highlight your brand but the building should work for you in other ways too. The roof for example is normally quite a significant area on a storage facility, it is vital that this is maintained well and protected from deterioration. Such a large area could work hard, with the addition of solar panels, this could significantly reduce running costs of the property. Another saving is the maintenance of roof lights. Rooflights are designed to provide natural light inside the building. Having natural light reduces the need for additional lighting to be on all the time, thus saving in energy costs. Correctly maintaining and using all the space efficiently can make big cost savings and attract customers.

How to improve it

Metal wall and roof cladding, gutters, roller shutter doors, access doors, windows and rooflights can all be repaired, refurbished or replaced depending on their condition. A full respray with a new colourful coat of paint can result in the building looking completely new.

If you contact us, we will assess your property and can carry out a full survey. We advise the best solutions to improve the property and make recommendations on the work required. Once work is booked in, we send our team of experts to repair and refurbish it, leaving you with a well maintained property that looks like new.

We have refurbished many storage facilities around the UK for over a decade and are very familiar with their challenges and needs. Here’s one we have worked on recently.

Cladding Coatings

Storage Team

Storage Team called on the expertise of Cladding Coatings to refurbish several of their properties.

When Storage Team – a leading storage unit company, headquartered in Gainsborough – took over a new facility, they needed building repair work to ensure it looked professional and performed properly. To do that, they instructed extensive work, including roof coating, wall coating and gutter refurbishment, all to improve aesthetics and unit security.

We addressed cut-edge corrosion damage, coated metal cladding and installed a RoofSafe system. This 3MTM DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System uses anchored horizontal lines, attached to a harness. Not only does this system provide full, uninterrupted access across the full span of the roof, it keeps teams safe when working at height as it protects against slips and falls.

As part of the wall elevation recoating, a distinctive, on-brand coloured stripe was painted with precision to provide a prominent part of the Storage Team brand aesthetic. For an even more consistent appearance, windows and doors were painted across the facility.

A quote was supplied, and accepted, for solar panel installation and therefore further long-term cost saving benefits. Finally, the guttering was upgraded to a WeatherFAST system, WeatherFOLD. This hard metal liner significantly reduces roof damage for a cost-efficient way to improve unit performance and appearance.

New cladding panels were installed to the reception entrance area to create a seamless finish and to encase the brickwork, providing an over cladding solution creating a reception that matched the rest of the building, bringing the newly refurbished external cladding together.

Storage Team then continued to work with us and we have also refurbished their units in St Helens and Winsford.

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