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Improving Cladding Energy Performance

With energy costs soaring, energy saving is near the top of everyone’s to do lists. Often as part of your sustainability polices, looking at your wall or roof cladding for ways to improve its energy performance is also a high priority.

There are many examples of cost saving measures for domestic properties but when you have an industrial or commercial property there is limited information on what you can do.

Here’s a few ideas to help you save on energy costs when it comes to the external building envelope.

Air Leakage

Drafts play a large role when it comes to heating costs, in a large industrial unit with wide loading doors it’s inevitable but there are some maintenance checks you can do to look for potential draft problems. Check joints on your cladding, corners and the top and bottom of the walls. Ensure there are no obvious gaps or fixings that have become loose. If a metal sheet or panel has movement then the seal will not be tight, and this will let cold air inside.

Parcelforce aberdeen severe corrosion


At sheet ends, cut edge corrosion can occur. If the corrosion has been there a while, then it has likely started to eat away at the metal sheet and can cause gaps and holes in the metal. This leads to air leakages and water ingress. It’s important to treat early and avoid further corrosion that leads to more expensive repair work. Take a look at our cut edge corrosion repair service here.


Rooflights provide light to the internal area but if not maintained and cleaned then a build up of dirt and debris can make these significantly less efficient. By applying a special anti-fungal solution and cleaning regularly this will maintain the function of the rooflight to let in the optimum amount of light. Natural light reduces the need for artificial lights and if you are able to have more periods with less lighting this will save on your energy bill. Take a look at our rooflight refurbishment services here.

Beechfield Brands Bury Cladding Repair


It is crucial to act on any repair work as soon as possible. If repair work is needed, then it is highly likely that the cladding is not performing for your building. It could be leaking air and moisture and if left the damage could affect the internal walls or insulation inside the wall if insulated. Take a look at our repair services here.


The use of solar is growing phenomenally and new technology makes it easier than ever to cost effectively install solar panels and receive a return on investment within a few short years. Use the large surface area of your building to optimise on the sun’s energy, saving you money and helping the environment. Take a look at our preparation for solar page here.

Do a visual inspection of your external envelope and if anything looks like it may be deteriorating, damaged or ageing then contact us. We can conduct a free site survey and make recommendations for areas that are not performing well. A fast and free no obligation quotation will be provided for you to consider. We know what we are looking for and can offer expert advice on your building performance.

Our teams are experts in the refurbishment of metal cladding on commercial and industrial properties and we work with the best systems available across the UK. All our work is backed by a minimum of 10 year guarantee which gives you long term peace of mind.

Take a look at all our services here. See some of the projects we have previously worked on here.

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