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Introducing New Noxyde Plus

Noxyde Plus is the new paint system from Rust-Oleum. As approved contractors we have recently been able to try out the new system for the first time.

Cladding Coatings

Rust-Oleum’s Noxyde Plus is a replacement for its veteran product Noxyde, a system that we have used frequently on our roof and wall coating projects for over a decade. The new product will be manufactured here in the UK and is available now, with Noxyde being discontinued.

Noxyde Plus will retain the same properties of Noxyde, it remains a water-based, single-component, elastomeric coating, based on a silane modified acrylic binder. The product is great for spray application, which is what we prefer to use on most projects.

Noxyde Plus has rust-proofing, corrosion and waterproofing properties on metal, cladding and roofing. It boasts superior adhesion, high dirt pick up resistance, has excellent coverage of nuts, bolts and welds, and is dry fall which saves preparation clean up time significantly.

Properties of the new system include excellent corrosion protection, waterproofing and 200% elasticity; which means the paint will not crack or peel when the metal it is applied to shrinks or expands. These features are crucial for us as a business to ensure we carry out work which will stand the test of time and allows us to offer our customers a fantastic, minimum ten-year guarantee on the services we carry out.

Rust-Oleum Noxyde Plus can be applied in a variety of colours and shades, it is available in a variety of different colours so we can match your branding or refurbishment ideas.

Trial on site

During an external wall refurbishment at a large manufacturing facility, we were able to use the system as a replacement for Noxyde. The team were excited to carry out the trial of the product which went well, and we were really pleased with the finish to the cladding. Due to our experience and expertise using high performance systems we were able to work with the new paint and make any necessary adjustments to spraying techniques and set up ensuring a smooth application and high quality finish.

Take a look at the short clip we made showing its application here.

Approved contractors

Cladding Coatings have been approved contractors for Rust-Oleum since 2009 and over this time we have become very familiar with their products and systems. Recently we were proud to receive our up to date certifications that extended our approval as applicators of their systems. Read more about this here.

Quality you can trust

Our teams are highly experienced, and we only work with the best systems on the market, this combined allows us to product the best finish to a property. With properties such as high elasticity and dry fall, it not only leaves a long-lasting coating that is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years but the process is also non-intrusive, and hassle free. There is minimal disruption to your own operations on site and we don’t leave any mess behind, just a wonderful looking exterior.

Take a look at some of the projects we have carried out using Noxyde in the past here. We can’t wait to show you our latest projects that will use the new Noxyde Plus paint system.

If you are looking to refurbish the exterior roof or wall of your property then contact us to discuss your project. Don’t forget to ask us about the new Noxyde Plus product.

We can provide a free onsite survey, onsite samples and a digital mock up so that you can see how your building will look once the refurbishment is complete, before we even start. We can help you every step of the way and make your external refurbishment an easy decision to make.

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