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Is your metal roof cladding ready for solar panels?

Cladding Coatings can refurbish your metal roof cladding to a high standard, ready for solar panel installation.

With the current climate crisis facing the planet, it is understandable that many people are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon emissions and become ‘greener’.

One way in which many people are trying to go greener is by installing solar panels on their property. With more and more people switching to solar energy, other more environmentally harmful energy resources are reducing, thus positively affecting the environment.

There are many environmental benefits to using solar power, and it can be a more cost-efficient energy source. Subject to energy usage, solar panels can repay for themselves after approximately 2-3 years and can help towards your goals of zero carbon by 2050.

How can Cladding Coatings help?

If you have considered having solar panels fitted to your commercial or industrial building, have you checked whether the roof is up to standard? Cladding Coatings can conduct a FREE on-site survey to assess the condition of your roof. We can even conduct a drone survey that records the footage of your roof, which we can then look at in detail and provide you with a fast and accurate quotation.

Whilst Cladding Coatings are not a solar panel installer. We can help refurbish the metal roof cladding on your industrial or commercial building so that it is suitable and ready for receiving solar panels. We can also make recommendations for reliable and reputable solar panel installers.

What to look out for

When assessing your roof before solar panel installation, there are a few vital things you need to look out for, including:

  • Peeling or flaking paint
  • Corrosion on the metal cut-edge of your metal cladding sheeting (cut edge corrosion) and other areas of corrosion
  • Cladding damage such as holes and dents
  • Blocked or damaged gutter systems

What we offer

Cladding Coatings offer a range of refurbishment services to deal with a range of cladding issues including:

  • Targeted repairs of cladding damage can help restore your cladding and ensure it is safe. Again if the damage is too severe, cladding replacement may be the only option.
  • Cleaning, coating and or relining your gutter system can ensure that water can drain effectively away from your roof, preventing water from pooling or damaging your roof cladding.
Cladding Coatings

All the work Cladding Coatings complete is backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee, with some roof cladding coating systems carrying even longer guarantees of up to 30 years. This exceeds the life expectancy of most solar panels, meaning your solar panels should need replacing before your roof needs recoating again. Read more about the 30-year Advantage Graphene roof coating system from Alltimes Coatings which was used to recoat the roof at Synertec’s large industrial unit in Warrington.

Cladding Coatings have a portfolio of high-performance systems that refurbish and refresh external metal cladding. You can learn more about each coatings system here.

Solar panels can’t be installed on a roof that is showing signs of severe deterioration and corrosion as it would be unsafe to do so and could cause problems for your solar panels. Learn more here.

If you would like to have solar panels installed on your property but aren’t sure your roof is in suitable condition, get in touch with our expert team of cladding refurbishment specialists for a free no-obligation chat and book your FREE on-site survey. We can visit your site, assess your roof’s condition, and advise you on the work required. We can also recommend our reputable and reliable solar panel partners and get you a free quotation for installing solar panels on your newly refurbished metal roof cladding.

If you wish to learn more about our roof cladding preparation for solar panels service, please call 0161 626 3493.

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