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Keep your stock secure, staff safe and supply chain seamless

Your distribution hub is at the centre of keeping the country moving. In the turbulent times of late, availability of stock and ability to deliver it has been even more essential.

You are an essential part of the supply chain. So what would happen if your building was damaged? Could you continue if your stock needed replacing? Can you manage to fulfil orders with failing factory doors?

There are many ways building refurbishment specialists, like Cladding Coatings, can make sure your stock is secure, your staff are safe, and your operations are seamless.

Cut-edge corrosion repair

It’s a very common problem with metal cladding: the edge of the sheeting begins to peel back through natural wear and tear. As it deteriorates, it exposes your building to the elements. Left untreated, water can begin to enter the property, damaging stock and causing serious disruption.

Cut-edge corrosion repair before the problem becomes too extensive is essential to preserve stock, save costs and avoid the hassle of repair. We use paint systems with optimal anti-corrosion properties to prevent cut-edge corrosion and protect your valuable stock.

Roller shutter door afterRoller shutter and slider door maintenance

Factory doors are subjected to heavy usage. With that, comes a great deal of wear and tear. Their constant use is essential for smooth and efficient operations, yet without careful maintenance they fade, crack and – eventually – fail to work properly.

Keep your operational levels high with roller shutter door and slider door refurbishment. Flexible, heavy duty paint systems keep your doors protected, and as they are designed not to peel or flake to ensure long-term performance and professional appearance.

Low-disruption refurbishment

It is easy to feel put-off instructing building repair works. After all, your hub relies on smooth logistics without interruptions to deliver on time and to customer requirements. Yet ignoring necessary works can only lead to greater costs and hassle later down the line.

With an experienced, trusted building refurbishment team on site, the work will be done in a manner to suit you. At Cladding Coatings, that means working entirely around your schedule to ensure we’re carrying out on-site repairs at times that cause minimum disruption. A commitment to the latest systems available means there’s little need for cumbersome equipment: our 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System not only keeps our team safe working at height but removes the need for awkward scaffolding getting in the way of your seamless distribution processes.

Find out more about why distribution hub refurbishment is so important, and chat to one of our team about your requirements.

We’re able to provide safe, on-site surveys followed by no-obligation quotations. Call us on 0161 626 3493 for further information.


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