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Minimise disruption by fixing building issues now

One of the most common questions we’re asked when approaching a building refurbishment project is ‘how can I be sure that the work won’t disrupt our operations?’.

It’s a fair question. You want to make sure that any specialists, like the Cladding Coatings team, working on your site won’t affect your company’s day-to-day business. Yet right now, you’ll either be an essential business keeping the country moving or preparing to reopen after months of closure. In both cases, it’s crucial that now is the time you look to external building maintenance.

Preparing to reopen: have you paid attention to your building?

Many businesses aren’t able to trade right now due to the pandemic restrictions. Retail has been particularly hard-hit, with large units remaining closed for months on end. Have a look at the shop you own or let today. Has dirt and debris built up, and cladding cracked over the very cold winter we’ve had? Has the paintwork faded, with logos and branding looking tired, worn and uncared for? If so, now’s the time to get the Cladding Coatings team in to take care of a commercial painting project. An expertly-completed job, like shopfront spraying, will make your building look good-as-new and stand-out from the competition. Take a look at some of our retail industry work here.

Attracting customers is even more important when your stock value is so high. If you’re the building owner of a car showroom, for example, getting buyers through your door to browse and test-drive a new car is exciting, and much needed. Show them that attention to detail and upkeep matters to you with an onsite spraying job, like one of those we’ve carried out at car showrooms lately. And there’s no need for facilities managers to worry about paint droplets: dry-fall paint is perfect for this kind of project.

Cladding Coatings

Keeping us moving: can you operate if your façade fails?

If you’re a business that can operate as usual, it’s more important than ever that external wall and roof repair issues are completed. For example, if you’re a logistics company, you’re one of those keeping the country moving. So if your factory doors are corroding, cracking, and not working properly, onsite spraying and cladding coating are essential fixes to keep your site operational.

You might not have been open to the public, but have still had an important role to play. Storage facilities and distribution hubs have been crucial during the last 12 months. Yet once a customer comes to collect stock, if they’re faced with a neglected façade they’re likely to be concerned and unimpressed. How can they be certain you’ve taken care of their items if you’ve not cared for your own site? A commercial painting job to smarten up appearance will instil confidence when your customers need it most.

Cladding Coatings

Planning maintenance: why is the time right now?

If you’re a project manager or facilities manager, you need to be sure that work will be completed to tight timescales that don’t impact operational abilities. If you’re currently closed, there’s no better time to think about getting external wall and roof refurbishment and repair projects carried out. At Cladding Coatings, we’re highly-experienced working around any client’s business needs or operational hours. Yet during closure, work can be completed even more quickly with disruption even more minimised.

Once you open up, competition will be fierce. After many months of closure, you’ll want to attract as many customers as possible. Yet if it looks like you’ve neglected to look after your building, chances are customers will walk on by: after all, your site won’t look like an appealing place to spend time or money. Make sure you’re the place they trust after lockdown and maximise your chance for disruption-free cladding coating and building maintenance today.

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