New Brochure – Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion LeafletEach month, we will be creating an individual, bespoke service brochure promoting one of our impressive refurbishment services. This brochure will explain the problems a building could face, the solutions we as a company can offer, and have some case studies to showcase our work.  This month, we are explaining our solution to the widespread problem of cut edge corrosion.

Corrosion and rust damage is one of the most common, and problematic, issues on a metal clad building. Cut edge corrosion damage is the breakdown of the cut edge on metal cladding sheeting which, when exposed to the elements, causes peel back and deterioration. This type of damage usually occurs on the cut edge sheets of roofs or walls, but can also affect the guttering and drainage. It occurs when the cut edge of the metal sheets becomes exposed to weathering and begins to rust.

This not only leaves areas of your building looking unsightly, but also weakens the structure of the facade. In extreme cases, it can cause wall or roof collapse. This issue, when left untreated, becomes seriously dangerous and results in far more costly damage.

Read our brand new Cut Edge Corrosion leaflet to see how we can treat your failing facade!

If you have any concerns about cut edge corrosion on your building then contact us for a free no obligation site visit.

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