New Brochure – Roof Coating

Each month, we will be creating an individual, bespoke service brochure promoting one of our impressive refurbishment services. This brochure will explain the problems a building could face, the solutions we as a company can offer, and include some case studies to showcase our work.

The most recent brochure featured, focused on roof coating. Just like the facade, your roof is subject to various forms of problematic deterioration. Over time, and if left untreated, this problem will escalate and could cause serious, dangerous issues for your building.

Sadly, it is very common for roofing issues to go unnoticed due to restricted viewing abilities. Impairments on a wall are often identified immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to a roof, which could lead to very concerning structural issues on your building as the problem worsens without your knowledge.

For a building owner and occupier, this can be worrying. However, Cladding Coatings has the solution. We are experts in roof refurbishment, repair and restoration. With different solutions for varied roofing types and areas of the roof, we can carry out a complete renovation on the roof of your building.

Our professional roof maintenance services protect, repair and beautify your roof, treating any impairments whilst protecting it for a whole decade under our guarantee. Using our drones to conduct surveys, we can examine your roof in excellent detail – estimating the level of damage precisely so we can recommend the best and most suitable solutions.

Read our brochure here for full roof coating details.

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