New Brochure – Shopfront Spraying

Our new brochure explains the problems a building could face, the solutions we as a company can offer, and includes some case studies to showcase our work.

The brochure discusses our specialist Shopfront Spraying Service. The appearance of your shopfront has a great impact on how the public and potential customers view your building and business. First impressions are vitally important. The facade needs to look professional and appealing to entice your customers into your store. Your shopfront is the first thing a customer sees before they walk through the door, so the appearance of your building should always be of the utmost importance.

A tired, unappealing facade is going to showcase your business in a negative light: taking customers away from your store and, with them, potential business. A deteriorating building can be very harmful to the image of your premises and how people perceive your company. Cladding Coatings’ shopfront renovation services can help.

We have over a decade of experience in restoring declining shopfronts to their former glory, allowing them to shine and impress. Our specialist shopfront spraying team are highly talented and have had many years’ experience restoring tired and out-of-date shopfronts to make them look as good as new. We cover all aspects of shopfront spraying, including cladding refurbishment, wall coatings, and aluminium window and door refurbishment. It’s all about attention to detail, preparation and coordination to achieve the look you desire.

Read more about our shopfront spraying service, and how it can benefit your property and business, in our latest brochure.

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