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North Seaton Industrial Estate Time Lapse Roof Cleaning

Back in Summer 2014 we carried out our roof and roof light cleaning service for our client Whittle Jones at North Seaton Industrial Estate, Northumberland.
The cleaning took place over 2 days, with cut edge corrosion treatment being carried out on the 2nd day, using a Tor coating system to treat the corrosion.

Watch our time lapse video and see our experienced team carry out the process.

See them clean the roof cladding and roof light on day one, bringing the dull and dirty roof light back to life.

One the second day the team carried out repairs on the roof. They carried out cut edge corrosion treatment on the roof, to fix the corroding panels. Cut edge corrosion describes the breakdown of the cut edge on metal cladding sheeting which, when exposed to the elements, causes peel back and deterioration. By usuing the Tor coating system, the roof cladding was able to be repaired.

Our time lapse video:

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