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Our Process – Watch How We Carry Out Our Services

Cladding CoatingsOver our decade of establishment, we have expanded our service offerings to match industry trends and meet customer requirements.

We now have many services, which we are always striving to improve. These include cladding refurbishment, cladding coating and cladding repair services to fulfil any of your property’s maintenance requirements, both internally and externally.

We have an expert team of experienced professionals, who carry out our services with both precision and passion. Our aim is full customer satisfaction, with exceptional results, in a safe and environmentally friendly way: something we achieve time and time again.

The highly experienced Cladding Coatings team are now masters within the refurbishment and maintenance sector, and we are able to carry out our services perfectly each time.

Here’s how we do it:

Onsite Spraying – This video demonstrates how we transform tired, declining buildings, giving them a fresh and beautified facade using our on-site spraying service. This is a process of spray painting on metal cladding, masonry or wood to re-coat the exterior of the building.

Roof Refurbishment  – We can also use our on-site spraying process on the roof of your building. We can also repair any cracks or leaks on the roof and refurbish the roof-lights to allow light back into the interior.

Cladding Cleaning – Occasionally, your building doesn’t need re-coating. All it needs is a simple, high-powered clean to transform it. The unpredictable British weather is a prime suspect for dirt build-up on a building. Watch our cladding cleaning video to see the transformation.

Factory Door & Window Painting – Due to the continuous motion of roller shutter doors, it is very common for the paint to crack and flake away. This problem is often seen on window panels as well. Luckily, our on-site spraying service is the ideal solution to restore this issue.

Cut Edge Corrosion Repair – Cut edge corrosion is one of the most common issues on metal cladding, leaving a rusty, unappealing and unprotected industrial unit. Thankfully, Cladding Coatings have the answer and can renovate and repair the corrosion, preventing the damage from worsening.

Cladding Repair – As well as cut edge corrosion, there are many other cladding impairments that the Cladding Coatings team can cure. Watch our cladding repair video to see our team in action.

Internal Walls & Floors – A building’s interior also faces many problematic failures, including wear and tear of the factory floors and paint deterioration on the walls. We have internal refurbishment services that can renovate the inside of your building, producing hard-wearing floors and a well-decorated interior.

Gutter Refurbishment – Gutters are prone to clog, rust and rupture, leaving them nonfunctional and with an unpleasant appearance. Here is how we restore and repair these declining systems, allowing for fully operational gutters.

Wall Cladding Coatings – If you have painted metal cladding on your facade, you might see such issues as paint fading, flaking, cracking and degradation arise. To prevent these complications from gratifying, the wall can be re-coated with a highly protected paint system, as we describe in our video.


As well as our service process videos, which you can view by clicking the title links, we also created videos based on our commitment to Health & Safety and Customer Service.

To find out more about all these services, visit our services page.

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