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Prevention is better than the cure

Is your building starting to show signs of wear and tear? Is it in need of a little TLC? Remember prevention is often better than the cure so now is the time to act if you notice your building is starting to fall into a state of disrepair.

The aesthetic of your building will speak volumes about your company, so you want to give the right first impression. Leaking roofs and flaking paint don’t look good and could potentially scare away possible clients and customers. When people see your building, you want them to be assured that you take pride in your business and care about the work which you do. Make sure your business premises are regularly maintained to a high standard and your business will stand out from the crowd.
Maintenance is definitely key. Numerous factors such as the unpredictable weather, trees, traffic pollution even wildlife can affect the structure and appearance of your premises.

Here are some common areas where problems can occur on your building:

Cladding Coatings

Corrosion – Cut edge corrosion occurs on metal cladding sheeting and is when the metal sheeting starts to peel back and can deteriorate. Not only is this unsightly but if left untreated it can cause further damage and lead to the full replacement of the metal cladding sheeting. (Read more about our cut edge corrosion treatment)

Roofs– Roofs are an integral part of any building structure but often go forgotten about. Cracked and leaking roofs not only can potentially damage whatever is inside the building but most importantly if the damage to the roof is significant it could pose hazardous risks to people within the building or even outside of the building. (Read more about our roof coating service)

Guttering – Guttering can become blocked with vegetation from overhanging plants and trees and this can cause risks for roofs as water isn’t able to divert or drain away. If not cleaned and cleared regularly guttering can start to corrode and break down. It is important that Guttering is looked after as it can help to maintain other aspects of your building. (Read more about our gutter refurbishment service)

Flaking paint and Cladding – Ageing and weathering can affect painted cladding and makes a building appear untidy and messy. If left it can deteriorate further and cause lasting damage. (Read more about our cladding coating service)

At Cladding Coatings, we understand the importance of looking your best and we know that with the right maintenance work this is something which is very achievable. Onsite visits can be arranged with our expert team where they will carry out an on-site survey to determine exactly what maintenance work needs to be carried out and what range of technical systems and processes can be used to ensure you’re the longevity of your building. So, if you notice something is wrong or could potentially cause problems in the near future, then contact us at Cladding Coatings where we offer a range of maintenance services to ensure your building doesn’t fall into disrepair.

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