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Protect stock and keep business moving

Protect stock by repairing and refurbishing your distribution hub, with minimal disruption to your operations thanks to the expertise of Cladding Coatings.

Before and after side Bibbys Refurbishment

Your distribution hub needs external building work, but you can’t risk stopping your operations. The cost implications, delays and disruption are a big risk for any business.

It’s a common problem, and one we understand. As the manager of the distribution site, you know your business thrives on securing a great deal of stock, smooth deliveries and efficient operations. So how can you pause that for renovation work?

It’s a challenge, but it’s an essential one. Left unattended, your unit could run into even bigger problems. Untreated cladding can be damaged beyond repair, leaving expensive and disruptive cladding replacement your only option. How can you solve the problem?

At Cladding Coatings, we have over a decade’s experience making distribution hubs look like new again, so with our team you’re in safe hands. Here’s how you’ll benefit from working with us:

Large scale expertise

Distribution units are typically vast. Naturally, you might be wondering how a small team can cover such an expansive area. But with Cladding Coatings’ experience in efficient operations, we carry out onsite spraying and shopfront spraying across vast units to meet timescales, budgets and expectations. Take a look at some of the distribution hubs we’ve worked on for happy clients here. This image shows just part of one elevation on a recent DHL distribution facility.

DHL Building

Minimal disruption

A smooth operation is what your business is based on, so you can’t put that in jeopardy. We’ll carry out all our work, from commercial painting to onsite spraying, to meet your schedule, working at your quietest times (even weekends and evenings) so we don’t disrupt your supply chain.

Securing your stock

There’s no doubt the contents of your distribution centre total an incredibly high-value, both in cost and customer retention. Therefore, you need to do all you can to protect them. Our free site surveys and building maintenance work will highlight any problems and make sure they are taken care of promptly. We’ll pick-up issues, such corroded metal cladding sheeting and guttering build up, with gutter cleaning and roof coating services expertly delivered to stop any problems in their tracks. We can even complete a drone survey for complete attention to detail.

Decisions, decisions

At each step of the process we are here to help you and make the proces as easy as possible. One of the hardest decsions is normally the colour. We can match to any colour and we can also offer our advice to suggest which will work better on your building. Our free digital mock up service allows you to try out how the colour will look on your building before work starts. It is also possible to carry out an onsite sample so you can see the end colour on your building fabric.

Guaranteed Quality

Not only do we provide excellent quality workmanship, we back that up by providing a minimum of a 10 year guarantee on all our work. The quality of the work we deliver and the high performing coatings we use ensure that the newly coated roof or wall cladding will remain in good condition for many years ahead.

The past year or so has taught us all of the even greater value we must place on distribution centres as the hubs keeping the country moving. We’re incredibly proud to be trusted by the industry to deliver the commercial painting and external wall and roof repair and refurbishment work that keeps their stock secure without compromising their efficient operations.

Find out more about the distribution hub work we’ve completed, then give our friendly team a call. We’d be delighted to give you our expert advice and book you in for a site survey, completely free of charge. Simply get in touch today.

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