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Rainfall Damage

In warm weather and glorious sunshine, it can be easy to forget the areas of your property prone to damage from rainfall.

Over the past few months, we’ve been blessed with many dry days of sunshine. Yet when the rain hit, it came in true ‘British style’, with incredibly heavy showers and thunderstorms across the country (and more forecast in the coming weeks). For many, the rain was a stark reminder of the areas of their building in need of repair or attention.

Keep an eye out on the following key areas prone to rainwater damage:

St John Street Guttering

Gutter systems

Your guttering is often forgotten about: after all, it’s not prominent, nor is it glamorous! Yet it has the essential job of diverting rainwater from your roof. When the water builds up, it causes pressure and damage to your roof that can be a real problem.

The best way to avoid guttering problems is with regular gutter maintenance. This work unblocks debris, removes dirt, and keeps your guttering free from blockages to make sure the water flows as it should.


Cracked windows and doors

Another sometimes missed area for building refurbishment is door and window frames. Yet the slightest crack or area of damage can allow water to enter. When rainfall is heavy, the smallest opening can lead to big problems.

Stop further damage by asking expert eyes to take a look and spot the damage you may have missed. A simple window or door recoating project might be all that’s needed to repair the damage and protect your property.


Cut-edge corrosion

Cladding CoatingsIt’s a common problem with metal cladded facades: the metal sheeting corrodes, peels back and exposes the interior of the property to the elements. This allows rainwater to enter, damaging both your building exterior and its contents.

Prevent this with cut-edge corrosion repair using industry-leading systems. It refurbishes your metal cladding sheeting to avoid peel-back and rainwater exposure, stopping further damage that leads to expensive and disruptive cladding replacement.


Naturally, this list is non-exhaustive. So it might be time to consider a site survey to assess potential areas of concern. At Cladding Coatings, we carry out our surveys free of charge, with no obligation, and easily at a social distance, including contact-free drone surveys.

Perhaps the downpours highlighted building repairs you didn’t know were needed? Maybe rain has forced you to consider your building refurbishment needs more urgently? Whatever your situation, get in touch for a chat with our friendly team.

Sunshine causing fading and wear too? Find out what you need to look out for and give us a call for advice.


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