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Represent your business in the right way through your choice of paint colour

Understand why paint colour choice matters, from business branding to what different shades represent, with our Cladding Coatings guide to façade colour.

The colour of your building speaks volumes. After all, the façade is the first thing that captures a customer’s eye. So it’s crucial to make sure that your choice of colour is presenting the image that you want to convey.

To get that right, it helps to understand what colours mean and what impact that has on your customers’ first impressions. What paint colour should you chose for your building, and what does it mean for your business?

Selecting a paint colour that matches your brand values

Picking a paint colour is far more than simply deciding on a shade you quite like the look of. In fact, there’s a real science behind colour, and colour theory is important when considering the kind of message you want to communicate through your building.

Let’s take a look at what some colours mean, with examples of Cladding Coatings’ clients who’ve chosen the colour and the impact it has had on their brand:

Dee Gee door after coating

Orange: a bright colour that stands out, orange is known to represent energy and opportunity. Dee Gee International in Preston used a flexible, heavy duty paint in bright orange for their factory and loading doors for a positive and memorable first impression.

Yellow: symbolising happiness and hope, yellow is a popular choice with our clients. It was ideal for maintaining brand image as part of a recognisable logo for DHL, and was the colour of choice for Keel Toys in Kent to match the company’s nature of business and their ethos.

Brown: it may sound like a plain choice. Yet when reliability and confidence is your goal, more natural, neutral colours are a great cladding coating paint choice. For some of our schools and academies clients, like Aquinas College, brown helps convey that image of wholesome dependability that’s vital for a safe education setting.

Grey: an increasingly popular choice, grey has been the colour selected by many of our recent clients. This is likely because grey is a conservative, calm and formal colour that gives the impression of a building that houses a reputable, trusted company. Some of our latest clients, like Mitsubishi, chose sleek grey to match their premium products and services.

The Hive Birkenhead

Of course, there’s no need to stick to just one colour. Take a look at our work at The Hive, Wirral Youth Zone, Birkenhead. They asked us to apply multiple different colours to their façade as a charity youth organisation to indicate the sense of fun and opportunity the centre provides for young people.

Choosing your paint colour with bespoke colour matching

Deciding on a colour scheme is a big commitment. This is especially true if you’re instructing a commercial painting job on a large unit: it’s a responsibility for your project manager that they’ll be keen to get right! That’s why we offer a bespoke, colour matching service here at Cladding Coatings to help you make those all-important decisions.

Our colour matching service takes little input from you but delivers big results. All we ask for is a photo of your property, and idea of what colours you’re deciding between. Our digital visualisation service then creates a mock-up of your building in your chosen colour, so you can get a clear picture of how it will look once the cladding painting is completed in your chosen colour. It helps you decide between paint colours, have confidence in your colour commitment, and gain peace of mind in your decision – speeding up work on site once it begins.

Free Digital Mock Up
Free Digital Mock Up

Whatever your colour choices and your reason for choosing them, if the colour is poorly applied it simply won’t have the desired effect. Yet with Cladding Coatings expertise, you’re in safe hands. We’re approved installers of some of the best performing paint systems on the market. And with over a decade of industry expertise working with high-profile clients to impressive results, you can be assured of a finish to be proud of.

For a smooth and professional colour application to repair and refurbish cladding to represent your brand in your way, contact Cladding Coatings today.
Don’t forget – everything we do is backed by a minimum ten-year guarantee.

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