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Selecting The Perfect Paint Colour

A painted facade can be a very attractive and appealing architectural aspect of a building: it is a great way to stand out from the neighbouring premises. Whether you have a clad, wooden or masonry building, there is destined to be a colour system that will transform it.

A splash of colour is a great way to attract attention to your premises, ignite a customer’s interest, and bring business through your doors. However, picking the correct colour and shade can often be a difficult task, with various factors to consider to make sure you get it just right. Therefore, we’ve listed our top three things you need to consider when choosing the perfect colour.


Cladding CoatingsIf you decide to go for a painted facade, the first thing you must consider is your branding. The last thing you want to do is clash with your branding: not only will this look unattractive, but it may confuse customers and inadvertently divert them from your store. It is important to work with your branding and colours, and not against them, to avoid any colour mishaps.

We have worked on many projects where clients have taken advantage of their bright, bold brand colours and used them when coating their buildings. This provides the building with a unique and eye-catching look, guaranteed to grab the attention of the crowd.


Another thing to consider when choosing a colour is the environment that surrounds your building. How might the surrounding area impact the property’s appearance? For example, a white facade may be yellowed in an area with a lot of pollution and traffic congestion. Conversely, a white facade often comes in handy in a coastal location as if better disguises seagull droppings, unlike darker colours that can make the dirt more noticeable.

There are multiple factors to consider. However, with our specific knowledge of the impact of the environment on multiple paint colours and systems, we can advise on the best colour coating for your property’s location.


If you have signs on your facade, you want to ensure they stand out. After all, these signs mark your business as your own, highlighting your brand rather than your competitors’. As such, signage is where choosing your wall colour is vitally important.

You want your signs to be visible, which can only happen with the correct background colour. For example, you need a background colour different from your signs’ colouring to avoid them being camouflaged: a white sign on a white wall isn’t going to be easily noticeable. We know what makes a sign stand out without detracting focus from the company name.

Our expert team have a wealth of experience in choosing just the right colour for your building’s facade. We can even offer free samples to show you some colour options and ensure you’re completely happy before we go ahead. Book a free site survey today, and let Cladding Coatings choose the perfect colour for your property.

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