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Cladding Coatings is an established business and over the years we have worked hard to perfect every element of our service to ensure we delivery the very highest standard to our customers.  From our telephone greeting when you call us, to our team of technicians on site to our invoice process when a project comes to a close.

We know that we must keep at the top of our game to maintain our excellent service record. Which is why we invest heavily in training our teams and new product development to ensure we are aware of industry changes and products which may improve our service to our customers.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you contact the Cladding Coatings team.

Site Visit & Discussion

Whenever possible we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your requirements in detail.  We will assess the premises and complete a preliminary survey before discussing with you the options you have available to you.  If a site meeting isn’t possible, we would ask you to send us as much information as possible on email including photographs of your building and any areas you have concerns about. Once we have this information or have visited your site, we will send you a no obligation quotation, detailing the work to be done, the time it will take and the costs involved.  If we haven’t been to site yet then this quotation will be subject to a site survey being completed before work can commence.

Design the Specification

Once you have agreed to our quotation we will design an exact specification for the project.  This includes full details of the processes our team will undertake and a schedule of works.  For some projects we may need to restrict access around your premises to ensure the safety of the general public and your staff.  Issues of this nature will be highlighted for you in the schedule of works so you can plan and inform those concerned.

Project Go Ahead

Now we have the specification completed our team will arrive on site at the pre-agreed time and date. Our team will discuss with you any health & safety procedures and requirements your business might have to ensure our team adhere to these at all times.  We will also produce our own bespoke risk assessments taking into account any specialist equipment or conditions such as working at heights. These risk assessments are available for you and your team to review.

The team will work through the schedule of works as agreed with you, completing each task as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst taking care to ensure a quality finish is achieved.  Where delays occur, which can sometimes happen due to extreme weather conditions, we will revise the schedule of works and confirm your approval before continuing with the project.

Project Sign Off

Once our team has finished we will confirm this with you before we leave site.  Of course we will ensure all areas we have worked in are as we found them – tidy and ready for your business to operate and get back to normal.  Once you have approved our work we will instruct our Customer Services team to complete the project and generate any final invoices to be dispatched.

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