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Shop Front Spraying

We have had a very busy year at Cladding Coatings, completing a wide range of different projects from shop front spraying, on-site spraying to roof coating and cut edge corrosion treatments. With 2014 drawing to an end, we have been completing our last shop front spraying jobs of the year.

Wynsors After Shopfront RefurbishmentThis December we have been refurbishing the Wynsors World of Shoes building in Liverpool. The external cladding was in much need of a refurbishment, the white cladding had deteriorated over the years and had become miss coloured. We firstly carried out our cladding cleaning service on the building ready for the on-site spraying to begin. We sprayed the cladding a new black colour, to match the new branding on the show shop – the black paint gave the shop front a fresh new look, changing it from the dull exterior to a attractive new cladded building.

We also carried out work at Motor Point in Widnes, the dull cream coloured building was in much need of fresh shop front spraying. Cladding Coatings sprayed the site to bring the building back to live with a fresh coat of paint.

Shop front spraying, onsite spraying and roof coating are services which we can provide a 10 year guarantee with. Including in the guarantee we will come re-visit your site to check our work is still good quality. We will be back to visit these site in the near future, so keep a look out for updates!

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