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Cladding Coatings On-site Survey

Your trust in Cladding Coatings doesn’t end when you sign-off a project. You expect us to provide great customer service and high-quality work, so we make site revisits part of our planned maintenance schedule.

They’re completely free of charge, and allow us to come back to your site every few years to check our work still meet the same exceptionally high-standards it did when we first completed the project at your site.

Is it time for your site revisit?

It’s unusual for us to experience delays. After all, with a team with decades of external building maintenance expertise under our belts, timescales and attention to detail are things we pride ourselves on. Yet even our experienced team couldn’t have predicted the pandemic, and it caused all types of work to change its timelines.

One of those changes might have been to the timing of your site revisit. Over the past year, all our plans have moved around a little, so your site revisit may be overdue. It’s now time to rebook.

Why do we offer site revisits?

Naturally, we take pride in what we do, and we want you to feel the same pride in your finished façade. Therefore, it’s important that we come back and check that our work meets the high-standards we all share. Your views matter, and we want to check you’re happy.

We also need to check the issues we identified as problematic have been resolved. Has the commercial painting system we installed withstood poor weather? Is your roof coating remaining safe and secure? Is your shopfront spraying job still looking polished to perfection?

Of course, you’ll have been offered a minimum ten-year guarantee on our services. It’s essential this is met, so at our site revisit you’ll be given peace of mind that this warranty still stands. And, if on the extremely rare case that it doesn’t, we’ll be there to solve it.

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Why should you book in your site revisit?

External building maintenance forms part of every project manager, facilities manager and building owner’s plan. So it makes sense to take up this opportunity for our expert team to cast their eyes over your building once again and check everything meets our collective high-standards.

Don’t forget that site revisits were included as part of your initial quote, so there’s no further cost for you to pay.

Book your free-of-charge site revisit today. Contact our friendly team to make your appointment. We look forward to seeing you and your building again.

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