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Solar for Sustainability

For site managers and owners of commercial buildings considering installing solar panels this article could help you. As the world strives to transition to cleaner energy sources, commercial buildings have a vital role to play. Perhaps you have pressures to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs to advance your sustainability strategies.

Is your roof in a suitable condition?

When you are considering having solar panels fitted to your roof, you will need to ensure it is in a suitable condition. Metal roof coating can deteriorate over time which can cause severe problems for your property if not addressed.

Roofs bear the brunt of the ever-changing weather. Therefore, they often become damaged, and their metal roof coating starts to peel away, and areas of corrosion can develop, which can cause problems for your building.

Solar Panels on Roof

Why choose us?

Cladding coatings have years of experience refurbishing metal roof cladding on commercial and industrial buildings using the highest quality systems backed by long standing guarantees.

We can refurbish metal roof cladding as part of a large scale external refurbishment or as a standalone project in preparation for solar panel installation.

With any project, Cladding Coatings will always visit your site to conduct a free on-site survey to assess the condition of your building. We also offer a drone survey for a small fee, where you will see all of the areas that are hard to see and access.

Your building may be relatively new, or the roof cladding might still be in good condition; therefore, it may only require our cladding cleaning service to ensure that the roof is clean and free of debris before solar panels are installed.

Signs of deterioration

Does your roof show signs of deterioration? A roof with areas of severe corrosion is unsafe and, therefore, cannot safely have solar panels installed.
Issues such as cut edge corrosion can cause real problems for your building. If corrosion isn’t dealt with when the first signs appear, you could be facing a costly cladding replacement project. However, if spotted early enough when the damage isn’t too severe, we can repair and refurbish your roof using high-quality coating systems and treatments.

High quality systems

The high-quality systems we use to refurbish your metal roof cladding provide excellent corrosion protection, are highly durable and offer fantastic waterproofing capabilities. Not only this, but some of our roof coating systems are guaranteed for up to 30 years. This is equal to if not exceeding the lifespan of most solar panels, so you can rest assured that your roof refurbishment will be of the highest quality and will last for years to come.

You can read more about the 30 – year roof coating system which we used to refurbish the roof at Synertec in Warrington.
Plus you can see an example of where we have prepared a roof ready for solar panel installation at the Moss Industrial Estate in Leigh.

Whilst we do not supply and install the solar panels, we do ensure your roof is up to standard and is able to receive solar panels.
With years of experience in the external building refurbishment and cladding coating industry, we have vast knowledge and skills to refurbish your property to the highest standard and all of our systems and services are backed by a minimum 10-year guarantee.

The benefits

The benefits of installing solar panels on commercial buildings extend beyond just reducing energy bills. By embracing solar energy, businesses can achieve substantial cost savings, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance their corporate image. Furthermore, solar power offers energy independence and access to financial incentives, contributing to long-term sustainability and profitability. As solar technology advances and becomes more accessible, commercial buildings have a unique opportunity to make a significant positive impact on the planet while reaping the many rewards solar energy has to offer.

We work alongside many other skilled contractors, and we can offer recommendations of solar panel installers should you require them.
If you want to know more about our roof refurbishment service, contact our knowledgeable team today on 0161 626 3493.

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