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Staying safe on site: our commitment to social distancing

Cladding CoatingsAs we look to start work again on sites, it’s imperative that we work in a way that is fully compliant with social distancing guidelines.

Health and safety have always been our primary concerns, driving every project we work on. In that respect, for us our approach remains the same: making the safety of you, our client, and our team our priority.

The way we do that has, however, changed somewhat in order to make sure that we are protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19 in every way we can. We’ve revised our on-site working practices and ensured each and every team member knows it is vital that we implement them with immediate effect.

Our site managers will be holding formal talks with everyone on site each day, enforcing these updates with all subcontractors to ensure everyone is up to speed. These toolbox talks will readdress the symptoms of the virus and social distancing guidelines, with an opportunity to ensure every person has understood each part of the briefing thoroughly.

These measures protect everyone involved in the project and make sure we can carry out the essential work required on your building to keep it safe from damage without compromise to health.

Here are just some of the key ways in which we’re taking steps to protect you and our team:

Working at a safe distance

Working areas on sites will be divided into individual workspaces wherever safe and practical, ensuring everyone is a safe distance of a minimum of 2m apart at all times. We know this may slow work rate, but is ultimately crucial for safety.
If it is absolutely necessary that a task is completed by more than one person, masks will be worn.

Staying safe on breaks

Breaks will be staggered, or if taken together done so at a safe distance. Food items, packaging and table-tops will be cleaned and sanitised at break-end and handwashing done, as always, before and after eating.

Using protective equipment

Gloves will be worn at all times, in addition to masks where available (and always when pair-working is necessary for health and safety on site). We’ve issued full visual guidance on wearing all PPE equipment, including respirators, to all our team so they understand the correct equipment to use for their personal needs.
Our team know to alert us to any PPE shortages on site so we can do our utmost to provide this with urgency.

Holding meetings on site

These will be kept to a minimum with as few attendees as possible, with virtual communication wherever possible for remote meetings. If in-person meetings do take place, 2m social distancing will be maintained and, whilst it is certainly new for us, we will not shake hands with clients or colleagues.

Assessing risks

As always, we will carry out full risk assessments for your site and project, which will now include a dedicated form relating to coronavirus and the steps we will be taking. We have been issued with all government guidelines and have shared this with our full team, ensuring the guidelines are fully understood by everyone.

We’re a resilient team here at Cladding Coatings, but our team know that if they exhibit any symptoms of coronavirus, or members of their household do, they must not attend work to protect our colleagues, clients, and their families.

The health safety of our colleagues and our clients, as always, is our utmost concern. As we face new challenges, we do so with the same stringent approach and dedication to health and safety as always, taking every possible step to keep everyone safe as we fight the coronavirus pandemic together.

If you have any questions about health and safety on your site, or simply wish to chat to us and find out more about our overall approach, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

We look forward to our upcoming projects and working with you at site in the near future. Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

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