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Stop problems in their tracks with a metal roof coating project

On commercial and industrial properties with metal cladding, the roof is one of the most important features of the building, and the metal roof coating needs to be well maintained to provide the ultimate protection.

Metal roof cladding has been used on industrial and commercial buildings for many years to provide a practical roofing solution for large spaces. It is relatively low maintenance, highly weatherproof, and aesthetically pleasing. When maintained carefully and correctly, metal roof cladding offers excellent protection against external elements and can have a long life expectancy.

Cladding Maintenance - Former Poundstretcher Leicester During Roof Refurbishment
Before and after coating

How does metal roof cladding deteriorate?

Several factors lead to the deterioration of metal roof cladding and metal roof coating. The effects of the weather can cause fading and cracking due to the sun but also temperature plays a part too. Extreme freezing and heat both lead to issues. Cut edge corrosion eats away at the edges of metal sheets and can get significantly worse over time. Damage, wildlife and plants can also cause deterioration. The environmental conditions can cause issues particularly in a coastal location where there is salt in the air.


The weather is a significant factor that can cause issues. From the sun fading your metal roof coating to the icy freezing and thawing conditions of winter that can cause your cladding coating to crack, the weather is responsible for most of the damage caused to your metal cladding. Depending on the damage caused, there are different solutions to make your cladding look brand new.

roof repair


Industrial and commercial sites are often busy places with lots of machinery and vehicles working on-site. Sometimes accidents happen, and metal cladding can get dinted or torn. Sometimes the damage is repairable if it is dealt with quickly. However, if it is left untreated, the damage may worsen, leaving you with a more costly cladding replacement as your only option.

Wildlife and Plant Debris

Overhanging plants and moss build-up in gutters can cause issues for your building. Over time, plant residue can damage your metal roof coating, leading to further problems for your cladding. Plant debris in your gutter system can stop water from effectively draining away from your property and can cause holes and cracks to appear in your gutter system. If your gutter system doesn’t effectively drain water away from your property, water can pool on your roof and damage your metal roof coating.

Wildlife such as birds and vermin can cause issues for your building. From nesting in gutters to droppings on your metal cladding coating, the problems can get worse if not addressed quickly. Various pest control solutions are available to help keep issues at bay.

What does this mean for metal roof cladding?

The metal roof coating acts as a protective barrier for the metal cladding. Once your metal roof coating has started to deteriorate, crack and peel, it can compromise the structural integrity of the metal roof cladding sheets.

Problems such as cut edge corrosion can occur when the metal roof coating has deteriorated. If left untreated, cut edge corrosion can worsen and lead to holes in your metal cladding sheeting. Over time, the cladding sheets can become weak and fail, which can be dangerous. If left untreated, you could have to replace entire sections of metal cladding which can be an expensive solution. If caught early enough, areas of corrosion can be treated with targeted repairs using specific high-performance solutions.

How can issues be resolved?

This depends on how badly damaged your metal cladding is. If it is minor damage and minor areas of corrosion, there is a good chance that metal roof coating or wall cladding coating using high-performance coating systems would suffice and provide excellent protection for the future. If the cladding damage is quite severe and the structural integrity is compromised, metal roof coating may not be suitable, and you are left with the only option of replacing areas of your metal cladding sheeting.

Replacing areas of metal cladding can be costly and far more expensive than an on-site spraying or recoating project. That is why it is essential to recognise problems early and address them before the damage worsens.

If you think your property is showing signs of corrosion or damage, contact our friendly expert team for a free no-obligation chat and to book your free on-site survey.

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