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Stunning Shopfront

The age-old saying “first impressions count” is just as accurate and relevant when talking about the face of a building or business. It has been proven time and time again that the appearance of a shopfront plays a major part in the trade levels of the store. Nothing deters customers away more than a run-down, unappealing shopfront. Many elements contribute to the appearance of the building, whether it is the signage, the window and door or the face and walls in general. If any of these factors are not up to scratch you have a much greater chance of losing custom.

Regular maintenance is the key to a great looking building, it is a very important but rarely acknowledged part of running a business. The upkeep of your building may not be at the forefront of your mind, but as soon as this lack of attention affects the appearance of your building, it will certainly be at the forefront of your customers. Get the professionals to come and help with your building maintenance and book your free site survey with Cladding Coatings.

Cladding Coatings

We are industry leaders in the building maintenance and refurbishment sector, meaning our expert team can precisely identify all area of a building that are a cause for concern. Our free site surveys are the excellent way to keep your building well maintained, the appearance beautified and the structure safe. The most common turn off for customers is a faded, or flaking building front. Time and weather are two great hindrances for a painted facade, often a re-coating is needed to transform the exterior back to its former glory. Shopfront spraying is one of our specialist services. Our expert team will come to site, and using Rust-Oleums highly decorative and protective paint system Noxyde, we will revitalise your facade allowing for a clean, attractive finish, looking as good as new.

We cover all aspects of shopfront spraying, including cladding refurbishment, wall coatings and aluminium windows and door refurbishment. It’s all about attention to detail, preparation and coordination to achieve the look you desire. Our extensive range of colours can match your requirements or branding precisely and our free on-site samples can make this decision even easier for you.

Restore that shopfront and attract more customers through your door with the help of Cladding Coatings. Allow us to give your building that brilliant first impression, one that will last for 10 years!

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