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Sun damaged facades: cladding refurbishment after warm weather

There’s no doubt that now we are into summer the sun will soon be shining again. It’s been gloriously sunny over the last few months – in fact, one of the warmest springs on record. Though the sun has been perfect for lifting our spirits and enjoying time in our gardens, it can have a detrimental impact on the metal cladding on your property’s façade.

Cladding CoatingsWhy are the sun’s rays a cause of concern?

All weathering can affect the appearance and functionality of your façade, and the sun is no exception. Painted cladding is particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays, which, when shining strongly on your building, cause fading.

When the weather is especially warm, this accelerates the rate of damage. The result of sun damage on your façade is typically dull, tired and uneven cladding. The changing patterns of the sun, and shadows cast by nearby trees and property, can create a patchy, uneven external wall appearance.

As well as poor appearance, the sun can also cause cladding damage. The heat makes the cladding expand, then cool as the sun disappears at night. This constant movement and expansion causes metal sheeting to crack and peel, leaving exposure to cut-edge corrosion: a potentially widespread problem.

How can the problem be fixed?

With a specialist cladding recoating team on hand, the problem can be fixed professionally and presentably.

At Cladding Coatings, we use optimally protective specialist recoating systems, which are carefully applied to your façade. The cladding painting systems we use have premium anti-corrosion properties to prevent cut-edge corrosion damage, and UV protection to ensure damage from the sun is minimised. Noxyde by Rust-Oleum, a long-standing system in our portfolio, is one such paint of choice.

With our years’ experience, we’ve a keen eye for detail so can ensure that uneven fades are carefully matched for consistent colours. Cladding recoating or cladding respraying application methods are carefully chosen according to your specific property needs. You can even benefit from our unique colour-matching system to make sure your recoated façade is exactly on brand.

Cladding CoatingsShould I refurbish before summer?

Timing is a concern when it comes to sun damaged facades. Of course, we’d hope to see more sun as the summer arrives, so it’s fair to question whether to wait until later in the year to refurbish the damage.

In fact, the opposite is true. Repairing your building now before the problem becomes too extensive means you can refurbish without being forced into disruptive and costly cladding replacement. Our work and systems are backed by a guarantee of a minimum of ten years, so whatever the weather holds in years to come you can rest assured that your building will stand up to the sun’s rays.

Façade fading is a problem, yet one we can solve. If you’re concerned your building has been faded and worn by the spring sun, call our team for advice about metal cladding coating and a free site survey.

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