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System Focus: 7500 AlkythaneⓇ

To deliver the best results for your building, we need to work with only the finest systems. We only use products that we’ve tried and tested and know perform to our exceptionally high standards.

As part of our System Focus series, we’ve been introducing you to some of our key suppliers and the products we use to repair and refurbish your property’s wall and roofs. One of those products is 7500 AlkythaneⓇ.

7500 AlkythaneⓇ is a paint system from Rust-Oleum. Rust-Oleum is one of our most trusted, long-standing paint suppliers, so we can be confident the systems they recommend for us truly meet our clients’ needs.

The key benefit of 7500 AlkythaneⓇ is its exceptional anti-corrosion properties. It has an extremely high-performing corrosion resistant topcoat, and is incredibly effective when applied in highly-corrosive areas, such as those of high salinity (like coastal metal-cladded properties).

7500 AlkythaneⓇ is also easy to apply, with excellent flow, aspect and opacity. The surface must first be fully cleaned and then primed, ready for application, which can be done in temperatures as low as 5℃. The system’s great versatility means it will also dry completely in these low temperatures; therefore, its weather-resistant properties make it excellent for use in unpredictable climates.

Pet Brands After Refurbishment7500 AlkythaneⓇ’s optimal protection properties allow it to provide the same protection as other alkyd-systems, but in fewer layers. As such, it’s ideal for a thorough, yet quick, application (it’s a one day maintenance system). It’s polyurethane addition makes it extra durable and delivers a high-build smooth finish.

Available in more than 25 pre-produced colour variations, gloss, satin or metallic finishes, and with the option of bespoke custom colour creation available, 7500 AlkythaneⓇ gives our customers the flexibility of choice of colour and finish with the reliability of a protective, trusted product.

Projects where we’ve used this system include a rebrand and refurbishment at Dukeries Academy in Nottinghamshire and an urgent refurbishment project at Pet Brands in Yorkshire.

Discover more about how our skilled application of a high-performing system, such as 7500 AlkathaneⓇ, can protect your property with a professional finish by getting in touch with our team. Our initial site surveys are free of charge.

You can also view further product details and data sheets here.

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