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System Focus: Liquasil Flexlap

An innovative cut edge corrosion treatment is the latest addition to the Cladding Coatings high-performance system portfolio, and has already been used on client properties with impressive results.

Cladding Coatings

Advanced silicone roof coatings and polyurethane waterproofing systems manufacturers Liquasil produce some of the finest cut edge corrosion treatments on the market. Therefore, we’re delighted to introduce their latest product, Liquasil Flexlap, to the Cladding Coatings’ specialist external building walls and roof maintenance portfolio.

Cut edge corrosion is a widespread problem. It happens when the metal sheeting at the edge of your external roof and wall cladding begins to deteriorate and peel back. If left untreated, it can cause irreparable damage to your cladding as well as allow water and the elements to enter your property and cause harm to its contents. So what can Liquasil Flexlap do to solve the problem?

What is Liquasil Flexlap?

Flexlap is a cut edge corrosion treatment designed to stand apart from others on the market. It has been independently tested by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and designed by building surveyors. Therefore, both our team and you, our customers, can rest assured that the system has been tried, tested and proven to perform.

It uses surface and wet tolerant (SWT) corrosion primer, which is marine grade and designed to both stop and prevent rust. This means the treatment can be applied to red rusted surfaces that are soaking wet – or even entirely underwater.

How does it work?

The problem with many cut edge corrosion treatments on the market is that they mask the cut edge corrosion problem (with expensive sealants and paint primers) rather than fixing it. Yet with Liquasil Flexlap, the product includes a rust treatment that has been proven to withstand even the most extreme marine environments, including petrochemical and offshore sectors, with no failures across over a millions sq. meters of installations spanning 15 years.

SWT takes around 24 hours to cure. Once cured, the SWT primer is overlayed with the unique, hardened silicone top-coat, Flexlap. Flexlap is designed to extend the system life with an 100% UV stable finish.

Why have Cladding Coatings chosen Flexlap?

Some cut edge corrosion treatments used by other companies simply seal the space between overlapping metal roof sheets. The risk of this is that the roof sheets can still rot away beneath the treatment, therefore not solving your building’s problem. As such, Flexlap provides the ultimate protection our customers have come to know and trust with a Cladding Coatings application.

It’s also cost-effective for us to use. That means it provides your project managers and building owners with a cheaper, yet higher-performing, product that is still applied with Cladding Coatings’ expertise.

Finally, Flexlap is available in a broad range of RAL colours. Therefore, your commitment to safety does not have to mean you compromise on aesthetics, as you can choose Flexlap treatment in a colour to match your vision and brand.

Cladding Coatings

How has Flexlap been proven to work?

Roof coating is a huge part of our work here at Cladding Coatings. It is a particularly common area where cut edge corrosion damage occurs, which is the issue we found at MTS in Coalville. Close to Bardon Hill, near the recent DHL building repair and refurbishment project we completed, Bardon Hill is a unique area as the highest hill in Leicestershire and the site of a former volcano. Therefore, it is prone to roof cut edge corrosion damage that needs a strong treatment to withstand.

With Flexlap’s marine-grade properties and exceptional corrosion resistance performance, it was the perfect choice for our client MTS. They were also pleased by its ease of maintenance; despite inevitable environmental dirt and debris accumulation on the roof, the treatment can be cleaned with plain water and basic household detergent, with no need for fungicidal wash.

If you’re concerned about your roof coating issues or cut edge corrosion, get in touch. We provide free on-site surveys, paid for drone surveys that assess the full extent of the damage on your roof, and deliver everything with a minimum guarantee of ten years.

To find out more, and learn more about how Liquasil Flexlap can solve your cut edge corrosion problem with Cladding Coatings expert application, contact our team today.

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