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System Focus: ViterClad

Cladding Coatings

Two brand new paint systems, used together for maintenance and repair of architectural cladding, help us deliver a protected and professional finish for our clients.

At Cladding Coatings, we’re delighted that we’re introducing two new paint systems to our portfolio: Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat and Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish. Thanks to their exceptional properties, they both maintain and repair architectural cladding, and the bonding coat offers a wealth of colour options to meet your individual façade needs.

One of our long-term suppliers, Rawlins (who deliver trade paints and coatings across the commercial painting and external building maintenance industry) supply these latest paint systems we’re introducing to the Cladding Coatings range. Each paint system has its own great advantages for your project, and slightly different usages, so let’s explore both individually.

Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat

What is it used for?

Cladding Coatings

Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat has been formulated specifically for the maintenance and repair of architectural cladding. It has three main purposes: an adhesion coat for over existing cladding coatings, a patch primer for bare steel, or a primer for a galvanised substrate (or cladding stripped to a bond coat).

It’s a modified epoxy adhesion and stabilising primer, meaning not only is it a strong adhesive but that it sticks well to unstable areas. This makes it a hugely welcome and flexible option for our clients, as it allows the bonding coat to be applied in a variety of different areas and climates.

In fact, it’s been formulated particularly to adhere to a huge range of surfaces, including aluminium, copper, brass and PVF2, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanising steel, silicone polyester, and a number of other cladding types.

Why is it ideal for your project?

Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat is available in a vast colour range, so there’s a huge flexibility to meet your colour matching requirements or business branding needs. In fact, you’ll find Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat in more than 350 RAL and BS shades, giving you and your project a wealth of colour options.

What’s more, as our team know all too well, the climate in the UK is very varied – but projects can’t be delayed by the weather. Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat can be applied if there’s a little moisture during application and cures down to 0℃, so it’s ideal for use in winter.

With application options of brush, roller, airless spray or conventional spray, Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat truly is the ultimate flexible option for your architectural cladding.

Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish

Cladding Coatings

What is it used for?

Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish has been created and tested for the maintenance repainting of architectural cladding. It is designed for applying over the top of the Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat. When used together, Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish is suitable for polyester cladding, PVF2 and silicone polyester.

It is tough, durable, and has outstanding sheen and colour retention.

Why is it ideal for your project?

With good climatic tolerance and ability to cure at sub-zero temperatures, Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish is ideal for the harsh winter weather. It’s also suitable for urban, marine and industrial environments: locations we’re used to working in here at Cladding Coatings, and therefore highly experienced in applying paint systems to buildings in these areas.

Depending on shade and exposure to the elements, the paint system has an expected lifespan of up to 15 years. Therefore, it sits perfectly within our minimum 10-year guarantee on all our work.

Finally, Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish has good cleaning properties, making it ideal for easy building maintenance as part of a low-cost, efficient building maintenance schedule from Cladding Coatings.

Our Cladding Coatings team are already proud to have used both Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat and Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish paint systems in a recent project for Bowker BMW Blackburn.

Cladding Coatings

To find out more about Axalta ViterClad Bonding Coat and Axalta ViterClad M50 Finish paint systems, see the systems in action. Then, give our friendly, experienced team a call for some expert advice on why these may be the ideal systems for your next cladding coating, repair and maintenance project.

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