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The 30 year guaranteed system to revolutionise your roof cladding

Get thirty years’ peace of mind thanks to Cladding Coatings use of the latest innovative roof cladding: Advantage Graphene

At Cladding Coatings, we pride ourselves on our approved use of many of the country’s leading wall cladding painting and roof cladding systems. The manufacturers know, assess, and trust our experienced team to install their systems with accuracy and professionalism, and one of the additions to our portfolio is no exception: Advantage Graphene.

What is Advantage Graphene?

Advantage Graphene is a new, exceptional performance roof cladding coating system from Alltimes Coatings. Alltimes Coatings already approve our Cladding Coatings team to install their systems, welcoming Advantage to our portfolio of leading systems back in 2019, and Advantage Graphene is an impressive addition.

Suitable for application on all types of metal roof cladding, Advantage Graphene was developed with a specific aim in mind: to target rust and corrosion on metal roofs. To do that, they used graphene, which is the world’s strongest material. This means the protective barrier it creates is almost impenetrable, so debris fragments, dust specks and water droplets find it almost impossible to bypass the material. Yet despite its exceptional strength, Advantage Graphene also boasts a lightweight, UV-resistant coating, enhancing its durability and flexibility of use.

Why choose the Advantage Graphene system?

Synertec Warrington Roof Coating

Naturally, the exceptional performance properties of the Advantage Graphene system combined with professional application make it a stand-out choice for your roof cladding. Yet it’s not its capabilities alone that mean we proudly champion its use.

Advantage Graphene is rare, in that it offers an exceptional 30 year guarantee. As every product and every aspect of the work we do here at Cladding Coatings is backed by a guarantee of an absolute minimum of ten years, we’re no strangers to the benefits of a incredible product and service promise. Yet the three decades of roof cladding protection assured by Advantage Graphene gives you, and us, unrivalled confidence the system’s quality, performance and ability to keep your roof cladding safe and secure for at least thirty years.

Where has Advantage Graphene been used?

This is the first installation of this system on a full roof by our team and we’re exceptionally proud that our team here at Cladding Coatings are installers of the first 30 year system for metal cladding roofs containing graphene.

The project in question was the extensive building refurbishment project at Synertec in Warrington, Cheshire. Here, our free on-site survey, supported by our low-cost, high-value drone survey, revealed that the roof cladding was one of the many key areas of the property suffering from a great deal of damage. With the latest roof safety systems and security of clients, customers and colleagues front of mind at all times, our team applied Advantage Graphene across the entire span of the Synertec roof cladding.

You can find out about the full scheme of work at Synertec, see before and after images of the roof cladding, and even watch our team in action in our full project case study.

Synertec Warrington Roof Refurbishment Complete

We’re always delighted to welcome new, industry leading systems to our impressive portfolio, and Advantage Graphene is one of the most exciting additions to date. We’re proud to be part of its use and the incredible 30 year guarantee it offers to our clients looking for reliable, secure and safe metal roof cladding coating with only the best systems and methods of installation.

To talk to us about the benefits of the 30 year Advantage Graphene system and get a fast, free quotation for your building refurbishment and roof coating project, get in touch with the expert, approachable team here at Cladding Coatings today.

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