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The image of care: school and academy building maintenance

Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Spraying Refurbishment

Planned building maintenance ensures that your building is safe, secure and protected and can help identify any problem areas before they get any worse.

It’s more important than ever that your education facility feels a safe place. Students of all ages have experienced so much upheaval in 2020, and their return to school needs to give them reassurance and security.

There are many things for a provider to consider. Yet your building is one of the most important things to create the right first impression that shows safety remains your priority.

A presentable image

Have you considered what impact your building’s appearance has on students and parents? It might not sound significant. However, if your façade looks uncared for and poorly maintained, it projects a negative image.

A polished and presentable exterior shows that you prioritise safety. Building maintenance such as respraying worn old cladding, repairing cut-edge corrosion or simply cleaning guttering shows attention to detail and care that reassures parents their children are in a safe and secure environment.

Repairing seasonal damage

Due to COVID-19, there’s a high chance your education facility has been largely unoccupied for most of 2020. As such, you’ve not been able to keep a close eye on those small repair and refurbishment issues that naturally crop up. What’s more, seasonal changes and the typical British weather, from weeks of rain to high temperatures and sunshine, have adverse effects on your façade.

Why not ask a member of our team to do a site survey? It’s free of charge, transparent and fair, and will highlight any issues and outline what’s needed to get them fixed quickly. It could be a quick and simple cladding recoating or repair job is all that’s needed to solve a small issue and prevent it becoming a larger, more costly problem.

Protecting your facility’s interior

External building maintenance can have a huge impact on your interior. Problems like cut-edge corrosion can cause cracks and expose your building to the internal damage of rainfall. Gutter build-up can cause debris to accumulate and gutters fail to perform, as well as place pressure on your roof.

Making sure your external building repairs are up to date protects your equipment, property and, of course most importantly, your students. Take time now to make sure everything is as safe as it should be.

Causing minimal disruption

Schooling has experienced great upheaval, so naturally you want as little disruption as possible for staff and pupils alike. Thankfully, we can work entirely at a time to suit you. Whether it’s school holidays, after hours or even over the weekend, we’ll make sure all our building maintenance operations are carried out at a time that’s most convenient for you.

By doing the work now, you avoid problems worsening, and expensive and hugely disruptive replacement work being your only option.

Our friendly, family-run team is always happy to chat through any concerns you have to find the building refurbishment option that works for you and your school or academy. Find out more about how we work with education facilities, and get in touch with us today for no-obligation advice.

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