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The Importance of Maintaining Education Buildings: Keep Them in Top Shape

Schools are, without a doubt, one of the most important buildings in our communities. They are the places where future generations discover, learn and develop the building blocks for their lives. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that these buildings are maintained and in top shape at all times.

They need to look their best, be inviting and safe. This is where the importance of the school’s exterior comes in. Having a well-maintained exterior is not only visually appealing but also creates a conducive learning environment.

Elliott Hudson College After Refurbishment

First Impressions Count

The exterior of an education building is the first impression that speaks volumes about the school. A new, clean, and inviting exterior will create a positive impression for students, staff, and parents. Conversely, a scuffed, faded or ill-maintained exterior can put people off. The exterior of the school can be a point of pride and build confidence in the school, so it’s essential to have it in top shape.

Ensure your school’s exterior is well-maintained by contacting us for a free site survey. Cladding coatings can repair cladding problems, treat cut edge corrosion, and repaint cladding using high-performance paint systems. Our high-quality wall and roof coatings are guaranteed for a minimum of ten years. This means a school can invest in fixing the exterior of the building and rest assured that the repair work will more than pay itself off in terms of the building’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

Good Maintenance is Key

In addition to the visual appeal, a well-maintained exterior can maintain the school’s structural integrity. One of the most important things schools can do to keep their exterior in excellent condition is regular maintenance. Regular inspection and repair of damages such as cracks and discolouration can prevent damage escalating, which can be more expensive to fix in the long run.

Education buildings must prioritise the safety of students, staff and everyone that comes into the building. A well-maintained exterior can go a long way in ensuring safety. Some schools have experienced safety issues due to loose or rusty cladding, slips from algae build-up on walkways, and roofing disfigurements. Preventing these problems is much easier and cost-effective than having to deal with them once they have already occurred.

Dukeries Academy Courtyard

Colour Choices Matter

We can help you choose your colour scheme too by offering a paint matching service to keep to your exiting colours or to match your school branding. Our free digital mock ups can let you see the proposed colour scheme before any work starts on site. Here is an example at Dukeries Academy in Nottingham. They wanted to change their colour scheme, and not only did we provide a digital mock up on screen but we also provided free onsite samples. The school exterior was then re-coated over the summer holidays and was completely transformed.

Colour samples provided on site at Dukeries Academy:

Dukeries Onsite Sample

Investing in the maintenance of education buildings can have wide-ranging benefits. It can improve first impressions, set the tone for a positive learning environment, maintain the structural integrity of the building, and guarantee safety for all. As schools begin to prepare for the next term, it is the perfect time for schools to consider their building’s exterior maintenance and how it can be improved. By prioritising and maintaining the exterior of our education buildings, we can create a great learning environment, set high expectations for students, and instil pride in our communities. Always remember, the school building’s exterior is the face of education, and it must look its best!

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