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The right time to refurbish?

The right time to refurbish?
What to do now to protect your property.

There’s no doubt that we’re facing unique challenges at the moment. Whatever the nature of your business, you’re likely to be in a position none of us had expected or planned for.

Your next steps may be unclear. Yet there are certain things you can, and should do, to protect your property and make sure it looks presentable and professional, whatever the circumstances have thrown your way. With off-site services and free-of-charge reviews, find out why and how Cladding Coatings can help.

Why you need to act

Step ahead of the competition
Your competitors may be sitting idle right now. They may have put projects on hold, extended timescales or reduced scopes of work. Protect your property and stay ahead of the curve by getting your plans in place and your projects moving. That way, when things begin to return to normality, your building will stand out as belonging to a proactive business and attract the customers your competitors cannot.

Choose an off-site service
It’s a strange world where we’re trying to stay that little bit further away from one another! If you’re unsure about having a team on your site, no problem: we understand. Thankfully, there are loads of ways we can support you from a distance,

including no-contact surveys, colour-matching and project plans. Just ask us to explain more about how we can help.

Cut Edge Corrosion Damage to Sheets

Prevent costly replacement
Building deterioration won’t wait: damage that’s begun will continue until it is fixed. The longer you leave the problem unattended, the worse it will become until, eventually, the issue is beyond repair or refurbishment. At that point, replacement is your only option, which is expensive and disruptive. We’ll be happy to have a look at your building’s condition, and let you know when we think we need to step in.


What you can do today

Mike Drone Site Survey

Drone surveys
Our MD Mike Hallwood has passed his PFCO written and flight exam for drones, meaning he’s fully qualified to assess those hard-to-see areas of your property. This service is ideal for giving us a clear picture of your roof or other tricky-to-reach areas. However, in the current climate, it also enables us to get the full picture of your property from a safe distance, with recorded footage for us to assess in detail and use to deliver precise reviews and quotations. Find out more about how the surveys work.

Digital mock-ups
See just what your finished facade might look like by simply providing us with a picture. All we need is a clear image of your building, and an idea of what colour scheme you’re looking for. Then, we’ll get to work creating a mock-up of what your finished facade would look like. This uses your current time wisely to make key decisions that in turn speed up the process once you’re ready to get started. See what a digital mock-up looks like with images and a short video.

Undecided? Have a read of our testimonials, see our team in action and give us a call. We’d be glad to chat through how we can help you protect your property and support you through these tricky times. Call us on 0161 626 3493 or email

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