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The time is now: make this spring the season to recoat your roof cladding

Make the most of the upcoming spring to get your roof cladding repaired and refurbished with industry-leading systems expertly applied by Cladding Coatings.

There’s no such thing as the ‘perfect time’ to refurbish your building. If there are signs of wear and tear, you know you need to act quickly with a professional cladding restoration team like Cladding Coatings tackling the problems before they progress to irreparable damage. Replacement is costly and disruptive, so stepping in and fixing issues as they arise is essential to avoid larger-scale work and expense.

Yet if you’re able to, pinpointing the perfect time to recoat your metal roof cladding has huge advantages. Perhaps you’ve noticed the signs of wear at the opportune time? Or, maybe you’re conscious of the need to protect your property year-round and have a cladding maintenance plan in place with Cladding Coatings so you know when your regular essential refurbishment work will happen?

No matter how you’ve identified your refurbishment needs, autumn and spring are perfect times to recoat your metal roof cladding. Let’s find out why:

Cladding Coatings

The weather is warm enough…

Cold weather roof cladding repair is completely possible, just as it should be with an experienced and knowledgeable team like Cladding Coatings at the helm. Yet winter does pose some challenges. For example, icy conditions can cause problems with freezing and thawing of the metal edge on your roof cladding. This exacerbates the rate of cut-edge corrosion. What’s more, sometimes paint can speckle in cold temperatures; this is completely natural, but does mean a third coat is often required for that perfect finish. By spring, the temperatures have risen above this freezing point.

…but it’s not too hot.

When the temperatures soar above average as they (occasionally!) do here in the UK, it’s promising for beer gardens and barbeques. Yet for your metal roof cladding, it’s not ideal. Higher than average temperatures make the application of roof coating systems a little tricker. It’s harder for paint to adhere to your roof cladding in hot weather.

The moisture levels are good

Holme Valley MRT Marsden Roof coating completed

Repainting roof cladding is less about the rainfall at the time but about the moisture in the atmosphere. A wet surface is harder to apply paint to, so it’s ideal to carry out a cladding restoration when it’s not too rainy nor too humid.

Of course, you may be wondering how to avoid that here in the UK! Thankfully, our range of moisture-tolerant paint systems, such as Rust-Oleum Noxyde®, have excellent waterproofing properties (Noxyde® boasts 200% elasticity properties too). These industry-leading systems, of which our team are trained and approved applicators, give you the peace of mind in the Cladding Coatings’ expertise. That assurance is strengthened further by the minimum of ten year guarantee we offer on every single piece of work, from our roof cladding coating techniques to our paint system applications.

As we leave January behind, now really is the perfect time to see what roof cladding problems your property is facing and make sure you book your spring slot to repair, refurbish or recoat them. For an expert review, book your free on site survey with Cladding Coatings today, so we can expertly assess your building first hand. For an even more in depth look at your roof cladding conditions, ask us about our drone surveys, where a small fee gives you a detailed review of those tricky to see areas.

There may not be the perfect time to recoat your roof cladding, but right now is the ideal opportunity for a swift, cost-effective, low-disruption repair and refurbishment project. For your free of charge quotation and a chance to discuss your project’s individual needs, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Cladding Coatings today.

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