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The WeatherFOLD way: bespoke gutter lining for property protection

It’s easy to forget about your property’s guttering. It’s not always visible, nor does it give you the chance to showcase your business to make those all-important, on-brand first impressions.

Yet it’s vital to make sure your gutter repair and refurbishment schedule is up to date. Failure to maintain your guttering causes significant residue build-up and blockages that damage your property. That’s why, here at Cladding Coatings, we’re approved installers of a leading gutter relining system – WeatherFOLD – designed to transform the way your guttering system appears and performs.

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Why is your guttering system so important?

Guttering has an essential job: diverting water away from your property to protect it. Fail to maintain your guttering and it will soon start to fail. This is because, naturally, debris, leaves and other foliage fall into your gutters. Without removing them, they compact, creating blockages that prevent water flowing through your gutters. This standing water then builds up, putting pressure on your gutters, increasing the water on your roof and – ultimately – causing damage to your property’s structure.

The problem is worse if your property is in a vulnerable location. For example, it may be surrounded by many trees (some which might overhang your property boundaries) or by the coast (where windy and rainy conditions cause an increased amount of foliage and debris to blow into your guttering system).

Synertec Warrington Gutter Corrosion
Cladding Coatings

What can Cladding Coatings do to help?

Here at Cladding Coatings, we regularly discover gutter blockages in clients’ properties. Gutter cleaning, therefore, forms part of the extensive building maintenance we do, removing debris and cleaning guttering systems as part of individual projects or regular maintenance schedules.

However, we also go one step further with guttering relining, installing systems that reduce guttering blockages and build up in the first place and secure your building’s lifespan for longer. One fairly recent addition to our highly trusted systems range is the WeatherFOLD gutter system. This is a hard, metal gutter liner that is fitted bespoke to your roof, developed by WeatherFAST. It boasts strong resistance properties designed to withstand corrosion and heavy traffic, and provides waterproofing for up to 30 years. This means that, once installed, the systems require little maintenance or repair.

How can we guarantee our system’s success?

Proper installation of the WeatherFOLD system is vital for it to perform properly. To give you peace of mind and trust in the integrity of our work, our Cladding Coatings team attended a full day course. This course taught us how to safely and accurately install the WeatherFOLD system, after which we became WeatherFAST approved installers and contractors.

On site, you can rest assured of minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations as installing the system is smooth and easy (for a trained team!). We begin by clearing the debris in your gutters, smoothing and preparing the surface using and angle grinder, and then fitting the bespoke gutter lining, which arrives pre-prepared according to the measurements we took at quotation stage. Finally, pieces are welded together for a completely water-tight finish.

The WeatherFOLD system comes with a 25-year warranty and a weatherproofing guarantee of up to 30 years from Fatra UK (one of the UK’s leading suppliers of single ply membrane).

Cladding Coatings

Which of our clients have used WeatherFOLD?

With smooth installation and high-performance results guaranteed, the WeatherFOLD gutter lining system is popular with our clients across the country.

Document control company, Synertec, has chosen Cladding Coatings to install the WeatherFOLD system at two of their sites to date, in Warrington and Bristol. In Warrington, a Cladding Coatings’ drone survey revealed problems with the roof, including a cracked gutter system that we repaired using WeatherFOLD. Then, in Bristol, we uncovered corrosion on the roof and guttering systems, installing WeatherFOLD as a long-term, peace of mind fix to the problem.

Other companies have also come to know and trust in the WeatherFOLD installation and the Cladding Coatings expertise. At West Bromwich Albion football stadium, our large scale project initially planned to tackle the gutter relining by gutter recoating, using the Alltimes Coatings paint system. Yet we soon realised the holes in the guttering were too large, and were able to adapt quickly to install the WeatherFOLD system instead – to an impressive finish.

You can also see evidence of WeatherFOLD in action on projects such as our work on Storage Team’s unit in Gainsborough and on units at a busy retail park in Barnsley.

It’s a crucial part of both your building restoration projects and ongoing maintenance to make sure your gutters are clear and relined as needed. With WeatherFOLD, we have a bespoke system that’s durable, safe and easy to install on industrial and commercial buildings of any age or size.

To book in your site visit for a quick quotation, have a chat with our team.

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