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Timing it right for your metal cladding coating

Metal roof or wall cladding will require refurbishment at some point between installation and end of life, in order to extend life expectancy and to continue looking its best.

This process is often planned in advance for a variety of reasons such as to make necessary arrangements for the works to take place on site, finances and budgeting and to schedule for the best time of year for good application.

outside temperature

Due to the weather, the optimum time for the application of coatings is typically between June and September but it can also be suitable from March to November depending on the conditions at the time. These months, avoiding winter, are generally warmer, drier and less likely to be as windy. To apply coatings that stand the test of time, the weather conditions need to be right as it can affect the adherence of the coating to the metal.

Depending on the size of your project and the different stages involved you may also need to allow additional time for the following.

Site survey
We can arrange a suitable time to visit your site or you can send us photos and more details that we would be able to quote for. We also offer a drone survey so we can efficiently and safely inspect hard to reach roof areas.

Our aim is to get a quotation back to you quickly, within 7 days. If a further site inspection is needed or the project specification is more complex then it may take longer to establish a final quotation and make recommendations for works.

Digital mock up
From a photo of your building we are able to create a digital version in the colours that you would like to see. This allows you to play with colours before making a final decision.

Decision making
After providing you with our survey report, recommendations, pricing and digital mock up then we understand that the final decision needs to be made and depending on your internal processes this can take time to agree.

There is often a budget allocated to project maintenance and refurbishment, sometimes this will run from April or January depending on the company financial year. Sometimes a project will need to be scheduled into the current year or for the next one, so timing is important if finances dictate the schedule of work.

Health and safety
Our team can carry out risk assessments and method statements on your behalf so you don’t have to worry, but there may be other health and safety considerations to be made which may determine the time needed before starting works. This could be for installation of roof safety equipment for example.

West Bromwich Stadium

Some projects may require special access equipment that will need to be arranged in advance. We work closely with our suppliers to be able to supply the most appropriate access equipment depending on the scenario.

Road closures
Rarely, but on occasions there needs to be a road closure put in place due to safety and access whilst coating work is carried out. This must be arranged in advance and planned into the schedule.

The warmer months are the most suitable for the application of coatings to metal wall or roof cladding sheets. We will always try to work with you on booking work in at the best time for you but also the best time for the weather for the best quality finish.

The earlier that you are able to start this planning process the better so that there is sufficient time to allow for all these above steps or those necessary for your project.

Of course, it can also be a quick turnaround and if it’s a smaller project it is easier to accommodate into our schedules of work, every project is different. You can contact us to discuss your specific project and we will be able to advise you.

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