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Visualise your finished facade with a digital mock-up

Struggling to choose a colour scheme? Visualise your finished facade with a digital mock-up

A digital mock-up gives you an image of what your building might look like after refurbishment. It shows you a vision of your finished facade, so you can test out your colour scheme and feel confident in your choices, knowing how the completed project will look.

At Cladding Coatings, we’re proud to offer digital mock-ups as part of our initial service. They’re a popular choice, and our clients find them a huge advantage when making key decisions and visualising final results.

Cladding Coatings

How do digital mock-ups work?

We begin with a photo of your property and your ideas. Together, we’ll run through what your building could look like, marrying our expertise with your vision. Then, we edit the photo using your chosen colour scheme. Supplying the mock-up image to you allows you to get an idea of what your finished facade may look like, and a chance to see your chosen colour scheme in situ. You can test out a couple of different colour options if you’re undecided. Watch our 30-second video to see how digital mock-up creation works.

How can you benefit from a digital mock-up?

Digital mock-ups are a huge advantage when you’re considering a building refurbishment or repair project.

  • Peace of mind: you’ll be able to see what the finished facade might look like, giving you a chance to try before you buy!
  • Correct colours: with a photo image of the colour chosen, you’ll be able to see if your scheme works and feel confident in your ideas.
  • Get started quickly: digital mock-ups help you make the decisions that speed up the process, meaning delays are reduced and your building is completed sooner.

How else can digital visualisations help you?

Choosing a colour scheme is a big decision. Clients, like Dukeries Academy, askd us for various digital visualisations in different colour options to help them make their final choices. Take a look at their experience of the service and see how the results turned out here.

Digital mock-ups are often used in conjunction with drone surveys, for clients who want complete peace of mind that everything’s covered. Drone surveys give you a full-view of areas of your property that are otherwise challenging to see. They help build accurate quotes, manage expectations, and the limit survey and access equipment required before work begins. To find out more about a drone survey of your property, contact the team.

Remember, if you book your site survey before the end of February 2020 you’ll receive your digital mock-up and drone survey completely free (T&Cs apply).

Unsure about your colour scheme? Call our team or make your booking today (0161 626 3493).

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