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What are onsite samples, and why are they important?

Get complete peace of mind of an expert application with our free of charge onsite sample service.

When committing to external wall cladding and commercial cladding restoration work, you’re making a big decision. Whether you’re a building owner or a project manager, you know that the work you commission covers a huge, visible expanse of your business premises, and there’s pressure to get it just right.

Naturally, you’ll already know you’re in safe hands by instructing Cladding Coatings. Our extensive cladding painting expertise based on years of exterior wall and roof cladding experience is backed with impressive high-profile client testimonials, industry accreditation and a minimum ten-year guarantee. Yet when it comes to your personal project, you might want a little individual reassurance.

That client peace of mind is why we offer onsite samples: a free of charge opportunity for you to see the coating in situ before the project begins. Here’s how the Cladding Coatings onsite service works.

Rodo Warehouse Droylsden Free Onsite Sample

What is an onsite sample?

An onsite sample is when a member of the Cladding Coatings team applies your chosen coating to small area of your building. It’s just like decorating a room, when you paint a small section of your wall in your chosen colour to see what the final paint job will look like. Our team coat an area of your building that you’d hardly notice, so you can see the finished results just as they’d look on the full façade.

Dukeries Onsite Sample

You can chose one, or several, onsite sample colours. This is particularly popular choice when decisions need to be made about branding refreshes or colour updates with a team of stakeholders (take a look at our Dukeries Academy case study for an example of onsite samples supporting colour branding decisions to great success).

The samples are the first stage in making decisions about your cladding painting project. The colour you choose will be applied as part of your on site spraying service by our team of experienced cladding painters. You can see some images, as well as watch a time lapse video, of our on site spraying refurbishment team in action here.

What are the benefits of an onsite sample?

Onsite samples help you make the most suitable colour decisions for your building and your branding. As you’re not limited to just one onsite sample, you can ask us to apply a few different colours to the façade to help you make your final choice. You’ll see the paint applied exactly as it will be to your external wall cladding or roof cladding, taking into account your existing façade colour and substrate texture.

On Site Sample service

Different textures and materials can be challenging to colour match, which is another reason why onsite samples offer so many benefits. Take a look at our work on Aquinas College, where onsite samples were used to decide the best finish for timber cladding.

If you’re still struggling to decide, the onsite sample process can also be supported by our digital mock-up service. Here, we’ll use a photo of your building to apply colours to the full façade, helping you visualise the finished building to help you chose between colour options.

Last but by no means least, don’t forget our onsite sample service is completely free of charge. Just ask our friendly team for more information.

See what an onsite sample looks like in situ and find out more about the process here. Then get in touch with us to book your free onsite survey and free onsite sample today. We’re always on hand to provide expert advice, site visits and a fast quotation to suit your personal circumstances.

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