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What is cladding wrapping and how does it work?

For a smooth, swift and secure building, consider cladding wrapping for a polished façade finish

Our most popular choice of external building refurbishment work may be our namesake. But cladding coating isn’t the only way we can make a true difference to your building’s façade.

Cladding wrapping is proving an increasingly popular service. And when you see the results, its no surprise. But what is cladding wrapping? And how, and why, can it transform your property?

Residential Property after cladding wrapping

What is cladding wrapping?

Cladding wrapping is the process of covering your existing cladding with a specialist multi-layered film. It’s a service we introduced back in 2018 as part of our continuous commitment to staying at the forefront of cladding industry developments.

Cladding wrapping is an alternative to on-site spraying or cladding painting. It works by covering your existing cladding with a specialist film. The film is multi-layered and highly protective, wrapping your building’s external façade for all over protection. It has a smooth, durable finish, with air-release technology that ensures it’s bubble free. Cladding wrapping film also has excellent fire-retardant properties, and is backed by our minimum ten-year guarantee.

Just like the cladding coating methods you may be more familiar with, cladding wrapping film can be applied in a wide range of colours to meet your branding needs and preferences.

Cladding Coatings Cladding Wrapping

Which buildings can it be used on?

Cladding wrapping is an alternative to cladding painting and cladding spraying, so it’s ideal for use on cladding panels as well as window and door frames. The film can be applied to a variety of metals, including steel, copper and aluminium.

It’s also ideal if project scope, budgets and locations mean timescales are shorter, as there’s no need for cladding cleaning beforehand. Instead, pre-cut vinyl sheets are placed carefully over each cladding panel, then the edges are trimmed and smoothed around corners and panel ends.

Just like other cladding coating methods, cladding wrapping is easy to install and applied with minimal disruption. This is especially important for clients for whom noise is a factor (think hospitals and education facilities, such as schools and academies). In fact, cladding wrapping can be carried out both pre and post installation, as the film is applied to individual panels. This means we can complete work on or off site, and even on an ad-hoc basis.

Residential Property before cladding wrapping

How does cladding wrapping look once applied?

One client who benefitted from the ultimate flexibility and striking effects of cladding wrapping was a recent residential client in Hartlepool. The property was showing signs of corrosion, and cladding refurbishment was needed to repair and protect the home.

Not only was protection key, the building was also architecturally impressive and had been individually designed. Therefore, cladding wrapping needed to carefully re-cover the striking home to match the client’s impressive high standard of finish. It was a great option to meet our residential client’s budget without compromising on finish or quality.

Find out more about the cladding wrapping work we did and see photos of the final finish here.

Why should I consider cladding wrapping?

Naturally, the sentiment of wrapping something ready to reveal something brand new is very topical with Christmas fast approaching. Yet it’s certainly not just a seasonal cliché, as cladding wrapping and other cladding coating services are designed to make sure your building is safely secured, ready to withstand the damaging effects of snow, rain and cold winter weather.

If you’re not sure which service is right for you and your building, get in touch with our experienced team today. We’d be delighted to come and visit your building for a free of charge site survey, follow up with a fast quotation and put a building maintenance plan in place to protect your property, whatever the weather.

Get in touch to find out more about cladding wrapping today.

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