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What is Nano Coating Technology?

Our new offering, Nano Coating is an excellent system which offers self cleaning qualities.  A recent project we have completed for a McDonalds restaurant chain outlet in Radcliffe, Manchester (see case study) benefited from this system as part of their project requirements was for Cladding Coatings to provide a self cleaning roof.

Nano Coating Technology

Nano Coating Technology sounds very high tech, however it isn’t a new discovery in the paints and coatings industry.  The changes have seen developments and advancements in the technology which has meant that the products can be used for access into a wider range of markets and industries.  The changes have meant Cladding Coatings has added the system to our range when refurbishing and maintaining roofs for our clients.

The Nano coating system itself is when applied to a surface the nano structures build a consistent network of molecules. This makes a protective, waterproof layer that stops liquid and dirt sticking or absorbing into the cladding or material.

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