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What We Do Differently

Since our incorporation back in 2008, Cladding Coatings have worked hard to earn our place as one of the UK’s leading applicators of premium, high quality coating systems to renovate commercial and industrial properties. We sit at the forefront of the industry alongside other refurbishment and maintenance experts, and we believe there are some things we offer that set us apart from our competition.

Our Guarantee 

We carry out all of our building refurbishment services with exceptional care and precision. An improved appearance isn’t the only thing we can offer, a protection guarantee for a minimum of 10 years is a feature of all our services. This guarantee ensures your building will stay refreshed and restored, with a decade of protection – fighting against weathering, ageing and corrosion. In some cases, for specific services we can also extend this guarantee to up to 25 years!  That is a quarter of a century of protection!

Health and Safety 

The safety of our staff, clients and the general public is extremely important to us, which is why we take every precaution necessary to ensure we never endanger our team or put them to any risk of potential harm. We go above and beyond to ensure health and safety standards are not only met but surpassed. We back this claim up by our extensive health and safety training. We are constantly taking training courses to improve our understanding of safety, ensure all our policies are renewed and up to date and also take extensive training when introducing a new service or way of working. Read more.

Mike Drone Site Survey

Drone Surveys 

Being at the forefront of technology is something we pride ourselves on, and any way in which new inventions can improve our services, we always introduce them into our work. Which is why we have recently introduced the use of drones during our site surveys. Although our site surveys have always been carried out in great detail, the use of drones will now allows us to carry out the same  examination, far quicker than before. The drones are a great way to examine the roof and top elevations of the buildings, taking videos to refer back to later if required. This now means we can fully inspect the roof without needing to be on the roof or use heavy machinery such as scissors lifts. Read more.


We understand that often building maintenance can be very disruptive to a business and its daily processes, which is why we work around you and your company. We want to ensure we are causing minimal disruption to all of our clients, so are always willing to produce a refurbishment schedule that works for your business. One example of this is carrying out the renovation of the Aquinas College during half term. We can also adapt our methods of working to accommodate for the surroundings and requirements of the client. This was done for the TrustFord car showroom, where we re-coated with rollers not sprayers to avoid any excess getting on the vehicles in the busy car park.

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