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What’s causing damage to your building?

The weather’s only one cause of concern when it comes to keeping your building smart and secure. What issues are a problem for your property, and how can Cladding Coatings help?

You’re already keeping an eye out for signs of damage to your property. You know the issues we’re always talking about here at Cladding Coatings that can cause big problems, from freezing weather causing cut-edge corrosion and cracked paintwork to sun damage resulting in a faded façade.

Yet it’s crucial to remember that there are other causes of property damage too, which your building may or may not face depending on its location. Let’s take a look at some of the problems our clients face, and how we help solve them:

Cladding Coatings

Birds and other animals

Animals love the dry warmth your property offers. It’s a shelter from the elements for them, but it’s a real problem for you. Whether you’re a building owner hearing unwelcome noises or a surveyor spotting something in a property assessment, a bird or animal making your home their own is a cause of concern.

Birds are a particular problem, and one you’re more likely to be faced with if your property is coastal. For example, seagulls nest on your roof and bird droppings damage your paint, which both risks structural damage and looks unsightly.

Our cladding cleaning service, followed by a professional onsite spraying paint application, is the perfect way to remove the dirt that has accumulated and refresh and revive your façade to look like new. And, if any rooflights or metal cladding have been damaged by the birds, a roof coating project is the ideal way to repair and refurbish. Don’t forget: a drone survey will help you to see those hard-to-spot areas of damage on your roof, and spy any early signs of nesting before the birds make a real home there.

Military base Gutter Before

Trees and foliage

The UK is filled with beautiful countryside, and there’s no doubt that attractive plants and woodland make an attractive setting for your property. However, they can cause a lot of problems for your property.

Moss and algae can build up quickly on your building’s external walls. Not only does this look unappealing, left alone it can cause structural damage. And leaves and foliage quickly gather in guttering, stopping the water from being diverted away from your roof and risking rainfall damage.

Gutter cleaning is a great option for you if your facility needs careful management from plant problems. Our swift and efficient systems will remove all leaf and foliage debris from your guttering to stop problematic blockages. And a thorough cladding cleaning and commercial painting project will remove moss build-up and leave you with a façade finish that’s as good as new.

Salt and sea air

A building by the sea is often a coveted one. Whether you’re benefiting from the beautiful views or running a business from a prime industrial location, coastal properties are popular. Yet they’re also prone to damage from the harsh environment.

Salt levels in coastal properties, particularly those in industrial areas, mean your building may be at increased risk of corrosion. You can find out more about how that’s classified here. When this happens, it looks unpleasant and the damaged metal cladding sheeting can allow the harsh coastal elements to enter your property, resulting in internal damage too.

Cut Edge Corrosion

A cut-edge corrosion repair project is ideal here. Our team will repair the damaged edges of the metal cladding and keep your property secure, with our ten-year guarantee giving you ultimate peace of mind.

It really pays to make sure every risk to your property is considered so it remains safe, secure and smart for years to come. For an onsite survey, drone survey, or simply a chat about how our experts can help you, get in touch with the experienced team here at Cladding Coatings today.

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