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Why building asset management is crucial for cladding maintenance

Make sure your building retains its value by keeping on top of your cladding maintenance as part of a clear property asset management plan.

Cladding maintenance isn’t simply something you need to tick off your building repair ‘to do’ list. In fact, regular and necessary property repairs have a big part of play in your business’ value.

What is building asset management?

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Your building is one of the largest assets your business owns. It’s of huge value, not just in structure but in what it allows you to do: run a successful business with a secure premises that’s safe for staff and appeals to your audience.

Naturally, over time your building will deteriorate. As that happens, it loses its value – so if you were to sell your building today without cladding maintenance repairs, it would likely be worth a lot less than if your property were properly maintained.

Why is building asset management important today?

Asset management isn’t just the buzz phrase of the moment. In fact, it’s vital for you to carefully consider, especially if you’re in a facilities manager or property manager role. It’s likely that you’ll need to show some commitment to asset management knowledge, training or understanding, perhaps by studying for and attending CPD seminars.

Yet it’s not only demonstrating your commitment to the building you manage that’s important. Growing and developing your building asset management knowledge is key to understanding cladding maintenance, so you know what to look out for and can get in touch with Cladding Coatings at the right time.

Former Poundstretcher Leicester During Roof Refurbishment

What do you need to do?

A good building asset management plan considers a number of things, all key to its refurbishment and repair. Firstly, you need to discover there’s a problem, and identify what that issue is. That’s easier to do if you’re already aware of your potential cladding maintenance needs, so you can keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t look right. This may be part of your facilities management plan. Or, you might benefit from the peace of mind from the expert eyes at Cladding Coatings with a scheduled building maintenance plan.

Once you’ve identified a need for cladding maintenance, getting someone on hand to fix the problem is the next step. If you instruct Cladding Coatings, you can trust us to take care of every part of your asset management process from hereon in. We’ll manage your cladding maintenance work using our decades of in-house expertise, carefully monitoring processes and progress and keeping you updated every step of the way. Finally, we’ll only leave site once the job is done to everyone’s complete satisfaction, disposing of all materials and waste carefully and appropriately.

We’ll also pick up the process again at the next stage, as you can book us for a site revisit. This is when we return to your property to check our cladding maintenance work is still standing the test time. And, thanks to our confidence in our processes and the minimum ten-year guarantee that accompanies everything we do, these site revisits are completed free of charge.

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How can Cladding Coatings help?

Cladding maintenance is a huge part of every property owner and facilities manager’s successful asset management plan. To help you get started, or step in at your procurement stage, find out how we can help by giving us a call today. We’ll carry out an onsite survey, which is completely free of charge, following up with an accurate and fast quote, so you can solve your cladding maintenance problems and retain your building’s value quickly, efficiently and successfully.

Call our Cladding Coatings team today and discover how we can make your property look like new again and meet your building asset management goals with a cladding maintenance plan.

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