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Why is now the right time to refurbish?

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Now is the right time to refurbish your exterior and here is why. During this current Covid-19 situation that we find ourselves in, you can find lots of support to help keep your business healthy and there are many reasons why going through these various changes right now may prompt you to carry out essential work on your property.

Whether you are a new start up or an established business, big or small, if you have premises then it is important that they are maintained to look their best and here is the help you need to make it happen.

Take Action

Currently all businesses are affected in some way with staff levels disrupted, operation hours changed and sales levels in turmoil. Take advantage of this time to make important changes to help your business. One of these changes could be to the exterior of your premises. Start by stepping back to take a look at your building from the outside.

Some things to check for include:

– Flaking paint or faded and patchy looking cladding
– Roof with cut edge corrosion
– Faded or outdated colour scheme
– Shop front that needs a refresh or re-brand
– Gutters in need of repair and a thorough clean
– Roof lights in need of cleaning and repair
– Leaks that need repair

If you have any of these issues developing, then now is the time to contact us. These problems will not simply go away on their own, treating them now will save you money in the long run and protect your building long term.

Why now?

While there are fewer people at anyone time working or shopping at your property, this can open opportunities to re-paint, repair and refurbish which otherwise would be more difficult to prepare for and carry out.

If you have been thinking about refurbishing for a while but not had the investment for it, then why not take advantage of the selection of loans and grants and business rate holidays currently on offer.

Now is a good time to refurbish your exterior; walls, roof, windows, doors or shopfronts. No matter what your circumstances, our solutions improve your business and put money in your pocket.


Cladding Coatings


Currently through the government, local councils and business banking a selection of grants and business loans have come available to businesses that have been affected by Covid-19. Also, there has been a change to business rates, giving 100% rates holiday to eligible business during this tax year.


If you are in the process of moving into a new premises, is it ready for you? Are you responsible for how it looks? Either you as a tenant or the landlord will be responsible for the exterior and this is the perfect time to put things right and improve the appearance ready for your opening day.


If you have decided that you no longer need your premises, before handing back the keys to the landlord you may be required to carry out a dilapidation report, we can conduct these and make any recommendations for repair. If you are moving out and planning to sell, then giving it a fresh new look will ensure you get a quick sale at the highest price possible.

Cladding CoatingsFOR SALE / TO LET

Trying to let out or sell your property? Make it look appealing to potential occupiers. Investing in re-painting the roof and walls may be enough to get a fast return on investment as it will transform the building to look like new making it stand out from other properties.


Maybe you have been away from your property for a few weeks while you and your staff stay at home. Come back and re-open in style with a fresh new look. While staff are at home or premises closed, have it re-painted to avoid any disruption once operations begin.


Regardless of whether your building is open or closed right now, maintenance must still be carried out to avoid more costly repairs in the future. The effects of the weather, ageing, debris and vegetation all threaten your roof and walls so don’t leave it too late, act now.


While things are quieter take advantage. There may be fewer people on site at any one time or staff may be on furlough leave. Having work carried out to your exterior especially if the norm is a busy site could be much easier while traffic is reduced. If you have been planning it for a while and kept putting it off then wait no longer!


Finding ways to save money is important, so getting ahead and refurbishing sooner rather than later will make you massive financial savings in the future. The worse deterioration gets, the more expensive the repair work becomes and repairing is significantly cheaper than replacing cladding or roofing sheets. Let us carry out a free survey and we can make any recommendations of work that may need carrying out.


If you would like to talk through these options then why not contact us, give us a call on 0161 626 3493, we can provide a no obligation quotation and make recommendations for you.


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