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Winter Checklist

Is your building ready for winter? Use our condition checklist to find out.

Winter can cause many problems for your property. Harsh climate conditions and colder weather often results in increased cracking, freezing and thawing damage, and debris and residue build-up.

Not only does this season have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your building, it can also result in structural damage. Sometimes this is clear to see; yet it always helps to have an idea of what to identify. Here at Cladding Coatings, we’ve compiled a handy checklist. This will help you to know what to look for, and why, to make sure your building is well-protected and well-maintained.

You might, of course, have spotted some obvious issues, such as faded paintwork, debris build-up and corroding guttering. So you already know you need to call our team to get our advice. That said, if you’re not sure of the extent of the problem, or indeed whether your property is facing any challenges at all, walk around your site armed with the following checklist:


Check gutters, soffits and joints

Gutter Refurbishment

Natural weathering and ageing of a building can damage gutters, soffits and joints. This can result in leakage and functionality problems, such as drainage failure and inadequate moisture protection. The problem is particularly prevalent in winter, with increased freezing and thawing causing cracking.

See if you can spot any cracks or holes in your guttering, joints and soffits. Can you see any build up or blockages? If you can, you’re risking the systems failing, causing debris and corrosion.


Look at the paintwork

Peeling Gable End

Over time, it’s likely the paintwork on the exterior of your building will show signs of wear. Sun, rain and general ageing can result in fading and visible deterioration, as well as damage that might be

occurring underneath the cladding. For a professional image and reduced damage, it’s important to look at the condition of the paint.

Check the paintwork. Is it peeling, chalking or cracking? If so, it’s likely to be damaging both the exterior and interior of your property. You’re also damaging the professional perception of your business with a poorly-maintained building that looks unkempt. If you’re worried, find out more about our range of cladding painting services.


Identify corrosion

Cladding Coatings Cut Edge Corrosion Repair

Cut-edge corrosion is one of the biggest issues a building faces. If left untreated, it causes weakness in the metal clad structure. This allows water to enter the building, resulting in internal damage and causing the rapid deterioration of the cladding.

You’re looking to see if there’s a breakdown of the cut metal edge of the cladding sheeting. Can you see cracks and rusting? Is the edging peeling back? If so, give us a call.


Assess dirt build-up

Winter is a particularly problematic time for the build-up of dirt and residue. Heavy rain, wind, snow and ice, coupled with the gritting to combat it, causes dust and dirt to accumulate on your building. This looks unsightly, giving your previously clean and polished facade a dirty, grimy finish.

Take a look at the dirt and residue on your facade. Assess if it’s caused any damage: has moss and algae attached itself and begun to eat into the surfaces? If so, to maintain your image and keep your building secure, chat to us about cladding cleaning.

Spotted any of these problems, and not sure how to tackle them? Give our team a call today. We’ll assess the damage and get it fixed for you quickly and easily, before replacement is necessary and operations are impacted. Our site surveys are free of charge.


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