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How we carry out our refurbishment and coating process

The Cladding Coatings Process: we can meet with you and discuss your requirements in detail, take measurements and provide you with a no obligation quotation. If you prefer, you can send over your details and we can give you an estimate based on the information you provide. Our friendly and professional team will talk you through your options and give you expert advice based on their vast experience and knowledge.

Health and Safety is paramount

Site visit and discussion

We look at your objectives and speak with you about the services and options we can provide.


An exact specification is created for you, which includes the detailed process and schedule of works.

Cladding life cycle

We assess the stage of deterioration of coated metal cladding, from 'new' to 'failure requiring replacement'.

Suitable system proposed

The most suitable system to match your budget, expectations and building requirements will be offered.

On-site sample

For any system and building type, we are able to supply an on-site sample at no extra cost.

Planned maintenance

We can assist with maintenance, including the preparation of detailed surveys and reports.


We assess the stage of deterioration of the roof or cladding that we have checked on-site. The cycle starts from the installation of new material, which will suffer some fading in colour, gradually worsening to the point where it shows clear signs of cracking and corrosion. After this stage, it will start to fail, meaning water and air leakages are possible, by which stage it will need replacing as it is beyond any repair.

The sooner the deterioration is identified and corrected, the more cost savings can be made longer term as repair and refurbishment is cheaper than replacement.


The cladding life cycle starts from the installation of the cladding or roofing sheets.


Over time the sheet colour fades due to sunlight and weathering.


After the sheets start to fade they worsen to show chalk marks as the paint surface is affected.


This is the best time to refurbish before damage occurs to the metal sheets.


Once the paint surface starts to crack and peel the metal is exposed.


Due to exposure, temperature and weather conditions corrosion occurs to the sheets.


Once corrosion has occurred, if left, the sheets may leak and potentially become loose.


If sheets start to fail it is likely that the sheets will be irreparable and will need replacing.

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