Building Refurbishment Solutions

Building Refurbishment Solutions

Both the units in Hertford are now complete, in time and on budget. The two neighbouring office buildings comprise a warehouse area to the rear that has also been refurbished internally, work has included the external roof, exterior and interior wall panels, door and window frames. On site painting has taken place in a mixture of weathers at all times of the day and night in order to keep to the programme and minimise any disruption to the business occupying one of the units.

The interesting part of this project has been the variety of services Cladding Coatings has been able to carry out here. Floor painting, internal decoration, cut edge corrosion repair and roof coating, on-site spraying and painting to windows, doors and framework. Our experience and expertise has been called upon on these sites and we have delivered a stunning transformation to these office buildings.

Cut edge corrosion was a real problem to this roof and it was in need of repair and refurbishment. We were able to treat the corrosion and re-paint the metal roof sheets to restore the external finish. leaving it looking like new again.

The floor of the warehouse and interior walls were re-coated and painted. The wall panels were painted on both buildings to make the exteriors more attractive. The window and door frames were also refurbished inside and out.



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