Aquinas College Wooden Cladding Spraying Refurbishment

School Refurbishment

Your school needs to look like a warm, inviting and secure place for study. Yet a worn, neglected and, at worst, damaged exterior doesn’t present your facility as a safe, professional and respectable place that provides great education and care.

At Cladding Coatings, we provide a breadth of repair and refurbishment services to education facilities of vastly varied sizes across the UK. Schools and colleges have benefitted from:

  • Cladding repair to ensure the buildings are protected from the elements
  • Work conducted outside of school hours to reduce disruption
  • Unique colour-matching for a strong consistent image
  • Digital mock-ups to visualise finishes before work begins
  • Strong relationships with trusted suppliers for efficient processes
  • Full health and safety CHAS accreditation
  • A ten-year guarantee on all our work, as a minimum.

Some of our school refurbishments and work on other education facilities to date includes:

Dukeries Academy, Aquinas College, Elliott Hudson College, Littlehampton Academy and The Fleets, Barnsley College.

Smooth operations

The efficient running of the school day is paramount. Any work carried out at your facility needs to be done with absolute minimal disruption to lessons, assemblies and the timings of the school day.

Our team can carry out the required work in school holidays, with longer-term projects often taking place over the summer months to ensure as little impact as possible on the school day.

Internal protection

Naturally, your school needs to be a place where students and staff are protected: you have a high duty of care. Therefore, your building needs to be completely secure and performing well.

Our school refurbishment work includes cut-edge corrosion repair and gutter cleaning, both which prevent your school being exposed to the elements and water causing internal damage. This keeps both occupants and valuable contents (from course materials to IT equipment) safe.

Safety and security

Health and safety is, naturally, a priority in the school environment. If a construction team are on site, you need to be certain that there will be no detrimental impact whatsoever on the students’ wellbeing.

At Cladding Coatings, health and safety is always our first and foremost concern. We complete full and up-to-date health and safety assessments as necessary, including the 3M™ DBI-SALA® RoofSafe Anchor and Cable System for roof access and being awarded full industry safety accreditation.

Respectable appearance

For parents to trust that you can provide optimal education and care, you need to project a professional image. If you neglect to take care of your building, first impressions will be poor and your school will not be seen as a supportive and inviting place for students to study.

From repairing cracked paintwork to recoating a faded facade, we can help you present a polished, on-brand and well cared for exterior image to match your standards of teaching.

See how we’ve transformed education facilities with a look at our case studies, with images to show how our team renovated worn facades and repaired damaged cladding: Dukeries Academy, Aquinas College, Elliott Hudson College, Littlehampton Academy and The Fleets, Barnsley College.

We offer a wide range of school refurbishment services, discover how we can repair and refurbish your school so your exterior image matches your internal high standards. Contact our team for a no-obligation chat and to arrange your free site visit at a time to suit you.

Book in your school for a free site survey and no obligation quotation, contact us, call 0161 626 3493 or email

Some of our services include; Cladding Coating, Cladding Repair, Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment

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