Wall Cladding Coating in Sunderland

Southwick Industrial Estate
Southwick Industrial Estate

As is the case with all pre-finished metal cladding, wall cladding requires repainting during its lifespan. You can avoid the expense of replacing individual panels by enlisting local experts Cladding Coatings, based in the Sunderland region of North East England, to repair and repaint your existing wall cladding.

At Cladding Coatings, our years of experience mean we have a number of professional coating systems available, subject to your building’s needs. One such service is onsite spraying, which was used on a recent project on Southwick Industrial Estate in South Shields, just along the east coast, north of Sunderland. Working proudly with our long-standing client, Whittle Jones, we were able to refresh the exterior of six industrial sites to match the professional finish of others on the same estate. After preparing and cleaning all metal cladding, a Noxyde system was used to spray and recoat with a protective finish. Noxyde is just one example of a system Cladding Coatings use as an approved applicator of a leading manufacturer, ensuring specialist wall cladding coating application.

With the industrial estate so close to our Sunderland premises in Jarrow, we were able to work seamlessly around site operational hours to ensure minimal disruption.

If you are concerned that the wall cladding of your commercial or industrial unit is in decline, please call your local Cladding Coatings team in Jarrow, Sunderland for a full, friendly discussion as to how we can help restore appearance and performance properties.

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